Going for my First Full Marathon..Suggestions please

Going for my First Full Marathon..Suggestions please

Hello Friends,

I am going to run my first Full Marathon on 15 Jan at Mumbai, India.

I have run about 9 half marathons so far in the past 6 years... My best time was 1.49 ... though in the past 2-3 years it has been hovering around 2.00 hours due to lack of practice etc.

I haven't been able to prepare well for the Full Marathon due to some injury or the other, but now I seem to be Ok, hence I have decided that I will participate and complete it, even if the timing may not be good.

So I need suggestions on Preparation from Now on till 15 Jan 2017. How best can I utilise this time in terms of prep and diet.

I will ask for Race Day tips separately later on.

Thanks to everyone in advance

Riyaz Khan

Age - 50 ( feel like 25)


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  • Hi Riyaz

    I added a mile or 10% on to my runs every week and went up to 20 miles in my training run using the last 2 long runs as trial runs for the big day in terms of clothes and pace etc. I read the book called 'the non-runners marathon guide' I bought it from Amazon and there is lots of good advice.

    Please don't make the mistake I made and put too much into the day I ended up very nervous before the run. Don't think about time just aim to go out and enjoythe day as much as you can.

    Are you running in Mumbai - I love your country !

    Happy running


  • Thanks for the great tips. I have been able to enjoy my runs so far and hope to continue with that. Yes I realise - going with an attitude of fun makes it easier!

    How many days prior to the Actual event did you do the 20 mile run?

  • Hi

    I think it was about three weeks before the event I had also done 20 miles the previous week. I then did 12 & 8 miles in the 2 weeks leading to the event. If you google marathon training plans most are based on very similar guidelines.

  • Ok will try these combinations!

  • Morning! ☺ You sound like you have more experience than most of us who are mostly fresh off the couch 😊

    Not long to prepare, if you've not already started. I trust you are putting some serious training miles in. 3 or 4 times a week? Eating healthily goes without saying ☺ Running that distance in heat sounds very tough. well, it would be to us, who are more accustomed to running in damp, miserable chilly conditions. still, I know which i'd prefer over 26 miles 😊

  • Thanks so much for the encouraging words. Its going to be about 20 C or 68 F on 15 Jan at Mumbai... with a little humidity I suppose.

    I am used to these temps.

    I am trying to enhance my distances now that my legs are showing signs of positivity... lets see how it goes!! :)

  • Practice eating and drinking during your long runs. I'm guessing that you didn't need to eat much during your half-marathons as you did them in 2 hours or less - but you will need fuel during the marathon. Work out what is the best thing for you to eat on the run, and try it out. The race organisers may provide energy drinks and gels, if you want to use these make sure your body likes them!

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll have a great day!

  • Thanks for the wonderful tips... will keep in mind.

  • I must say you look nearer 25 than 50! :)

  • Ha Ha :) thanks..

    Running truly helps in staying fit and happy!!

  • A full mara is very different from two halfs. It's not unusual to take three weeks' taper, but you may not be able to afford that. Take at least two. And consider run/walk, maybe 900 m run, 100 m walk. Best of luck.

  • Thanks... You mean run/walk during 2 weeks taper period?

  • Sorry, I should have explained myself better. What I meant was this: You said in your post that you have not been able to prepare well, so my suggestion is that rather than trying to run 42 km without good preparation, it would be better to run/walk 42 km without good preparation, as the walk bits will let you recover.

    I was in the same boat as you just over a year ago. Had been training for a marathon, but then things went pear shaped and for the last couple of months I didn't get much training in, until I picked things up about 5-6 weeks prior to the race. It was clear to me that I couldn't run non stop 42 km, so I did run/walk during the last few weeks of training, during the taper, and during the marathon. It got me around the course in close to the time I had initially been aiming for.

    Of course I migh have misunderstood what you meant by "haven't been able to prepare well". I apologise if that's the case.

  • Hi Tomas,

    I am exactly in the same boat.

    Thanks for the great advice... Yes I think that is the best way out. It has to be a combination of walk jog run with the aim of completion rather than aiming for any particular timing.

  • Hello and welcome.... are you following a training plan? What is your weekly mileage? Your HM time is superb so I am guessing you want to do the marathon in a set time? Personally I found doing the really long runs helpful for mental prep more than physical. I would say carry on doing what you are as there isn't that long to go.... your best bet is to mentally prepare for the race, study the course, divide it into chunks, device on your approach, rest breaks, fuelling etc which will really help you.... I am not sure if that's helpful but I'm sure others will have more advice too 😎

  • Wow!! Superb suggestions!! "Mental Training" and visualisation... Yes that is definitely going to help.. and route planning!! Yes... all of it is what I should be doing.

    HM just gives the confidence that I can take on bigger challenge... I just hope my body will will hold out for twice the distance and time :)

    Every bit of support matters and the wonderful suggestions I am getting on this forum has truly helped me.

    Kudos to you!

  • Completed my First Full Marathon !! :) :)

    Thank you friends for all your wonderful suggestions.

    15 Jan 2017 - I ran and completed Marathon in 5 hours 19 minutes.

    It was a great experience though the last 10 kms truly required a herculean effort.

    Two days before the event I was running bit of flu and fever.. nevertheless I went ahead since I had invested so much time and effort in going to Mumbai and registration and all that stuff.

    Luckily all the preparation and diet planning paid off and everything went well.

    Had a bit of nagging knee pain in the last 10 Km but I didn't let that stop me... it did slow me down a bit.. Next year I will plan to practice better and complete in below 5 hours.

    Still a great experience and will be in my memory for life.

    Big Thanks to all for your support and suggestions.

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