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Changing my mindset for the marathon!!

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I have completed 3 HM's using the run/walk technique. At my last HM ( 18 months ago before I busted my foot :( ) , I set out intending to run/walk it , but sort of got tied up with a 2 hours 20 pacing group running non-stop - on the spur of the moment and because I knew many in the group, I stuck with it for 13 K (blowing away my 10K PB :) ) and finished up with 2 hours 23mins result. I now realise that this will be my 'epitome" of my running career. Now that I have embarked on the course of completing a full marathon - and being REALLY daunted by the distance - I am trying to get my mind around it and how I can tackle it. So - I have been practicing a new concept - instead of run/walking I have been doing walk/running!!! :) I need to achieve an average pace of 9 mins per k to complete the marathon within the cutoff time of 6:30 - but my mind is telling me that I cannot possibly run that distance at that pace - but I could maybe walk that distance at that pace. Trouble is I walk at 10:30 mins per K - so I would have to run just a little bit to get that back up to 9 mins per k. So - I set out walking for a minute and then "run reasonable comfortably" for 30 seconds - and guess what, the average pace is 9 mins per K - I think I might have this worked out!!! :) Who said that you cant think and run at the same time???? :)

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to all my NHS friends . Did you all have a run on early morning Christmas Day ( and if not, WHY not!!) Here is where I did 8K at 5AM :)

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AlMorr10 Miles

I went a "walk" with my neighbours dog on Xmas morning, but it ended up me and the dog doing a 1 Kilometre run as the dog wanted me to run not walk

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AgelesslassMetric Marathon

Merry Christmas Bazza. I know if I walked during a run, I would then do it all the time, it’s a no no for me I’m afraid. But, on your very long run/walks if it works for you good luck.

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hi bazza, seems a sensible idea. For my marathon my aim was to finish. I didn't care how or in what time I was going to finish. In training I got up to 20 miles. In the actual marathon I got up to 22 miles and hit the wall. I came across an older gentleman who had run a 100 marathons unbelievable and he really spurred me on. I ran with him a few miles and then he seemed to disappear...never saw him again. I struggled from mile 22 to 24 where I saw a sign saying the wall ends here. And it did. I knew at that moment i was going to finish. I felt elated at the end a special day indeed.

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LordiMarathon in reply to marc_read

I would have liked to see that " The wall ends here" sign on my marathon! Maybe it should be made mandatory? !

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TbaeMetric Marathon

Love the way you are working this out Bazza.

Atb.with it.

You have given me many options/ permutations to think about.🤔


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Late to the party, but I love your logic! I am sure you will achieve your goal.

Merry New Year!!! xx

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Yes Bazza. Totally doable. I walk/ran a HM in the spring in 3:10:00 ( 9:04 ave pace) where the focus was on walking rather than running 4 x 2km jogs as and when I felt like it plus 13 km of regular walking (not trying to hike/walk particularly fast).

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Bazza1234Marathon in reply to Lordi

Main problem now is having problems with my feet - simply cannot find any shoes that don't hurt me in some way or another ( and I have 16 pairs!!) . Now thinking of running in adjustable sandals - have done so a few times over 5K and did an 8K on Christmas Day in them. Intend to work up some distance in them and see how I go.

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What a great idea!

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Swoon 😃. What a venue!

You’ll be fine Baz 👍. When you’re wrapped up in your race you won’t notice the distance nearly as much

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