Cross training? Just cross!

So, aware that I should be making an effort to do some cross training (other than just walking ), I took the excuse of a dentist's appointment to cycle into town.

All was well on the trip down (and at the dentist, I am pleased to say ). Not so good, the journey home! To avoid some of the worst of the traffic racing up to the lights, I opted for a route through the park. Half way through, on a tight-ish turn, I clearly wasn't paying enough attention to where I was steering and managed to steer my front wheel into a rut of mud the wrong side of the kerb...

The front wheel obligingly slipped out from under me and I went down in the mud and leaf mold. No harm done to me this time (thankfully - the tendons in one hand are still sore from my last spill earlier in the year) but the bike needed some brute force attention! People very generously came to see if I needed aid (no - just needed the ground to open more fully understand me so I could disappear from sight!).

So much for low impact cross training...

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  • Ouch. You have my sympathy, I have no sense of balance and gave up cycling years ago. Glad you're ok xx

  • Sorry to hear about your accident, but it's good that you didn't get hurt. I'm always impressed by people who dare cycle in wet and slippery conditions - although I don't know if that was the case for you.

  • It was a bit damp and slippery with lots of leaves around, butility I'might afraid this fall was all down to me. I steered the front wheel into a rut at the side of the path as I was cornering - it was one of those 'see it all happening in slow motion' moments! To any of the very kind pedestrI answered who came you see if I was OK, it must have looked as if I just threw myself to the floor! Duh!

  • Ouch! How annoying, glad you're ok!

    I've got a bike, it's been sitting in the spare room gathering dust since we moved to Hove. I'm scared to ride it in case I suddenly find myself entering a triathlon :)

  • Nothing wrong with entering a triathlon, Eastbourne and Brighton both have a good one you could enter :) nice dip in the sea.

  • Argh!

  • Your next challange! you done a marathon.

  • It could mean the end of my marriage :)

  • Marriages come and go but races don't!*

    *I am not liable for any court action or money lost due to any devoraces that may occur

  • Ooh, you... why I oughta... :)

  • Ouch be careful but it is also good choice to find other routes away from traffic even if it does make the route longer. Cycling is a great way to cross train just remember to wear a helmet and maybe gloves, kneepads and elbow pads!

  • ... and don't enter any triathlons :)

  • Apart from the short ones. Like an "Olympic". At least for the first....

  • Funnily enought, I do have a Try-tri (400m swim 15th bike 5krun) scheduled for 2017...

  • Impressive! I'll leave the tris to you :)

  • Excellent. That's the spirit.

  • Ouch! Glad it didn't go worse.

  • I have read that the very best cross training runners can easily do is a rowing machine in the gym. For me - I just run!! :)

  • Me too Baz. I get the bike out occasionally but I am hopeless on it and very wobbly.

    Ne'er mind Aged! No harm done on that soft landing 😊 Dust yourself off etc

    So,,you don't fancy a tri then Roseabi? 😊

    Neither do, I!

  • It does seem like a pretty terrible idea to me :)

  • Ouch I hope you are ok that sounds really frightening... try spinning at the gym, it's safer!!!!

  • Lol yes

    Hope you were wearing a helmet!


  • Of course! Always do - it'seems invariably the only thing that doesn'the get damaged! :) More seriously, I wouldn'the cycle these days without one.

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