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My marathon training plan


I have done 3 HM's and basically decided that I would go no further. However I want to keep on running into my old age and I really need a plan to follow. I realised after the last 18 months which have been very bad for me health and fitness wise that I was in danger of just "giving it all away" - so I needed a plan !!!! :) I spectated at a big , popular and famous marathon here where I live and decided to look for a plan , but I also knew that I really needed to start all over again - even perhaps C25K . Anyway I found this 52 week Couch to Marathon training plan I am up to week 4 so far :) - it is like starting C25K all over again but this one just keeps on going for the year. Who knows how I will fare in doing it or if I will even get to the starting line (my object is to finish within the 6 hour 20 minute cutoff time - an average of a slow 9 minutes per KLm )- I will run/walk it if I get there. Anyway it has calmed me down and adherence to the programme helps to take my mind off other things

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Sandraj39Half Marathon

Fantastic idea Bazza - good luck with it! Having a goal is definately a good thing and you have the past HM's in your legs already so are actually in quite a good position by the sounds of it.🙂

Bazza1234Marathon in reply to Sandraj39

I think I have lost just about everything in my legs over the past 18 months :(

Sandraj39Half Marathon in reply to Bazza1234 will all come back though, Bazza. I had back problems and sciatica a year ago which left me with nerve damage and foot drop in one leg.😮 I couldn't run at all last summer and had to start from scratch. Getting back to my running was really tough and I still have some residual issues which have resulted in certain muscles compensating. I am pretty much back where I was though, although my pace is a bit slower. My goals are a 10 miler in October and another HM hopefully in the spring. Take care.🙂

WhatsappHalf Marathon

I love a plan - and that is one big, long plan. All the best Bazza1234 keep us updated.


Wow, 52 weeks 😀 That's some serious dedication! A great way to do it though, I bet by the time the final week plays out you will feel amazing and ready to take on anything 😎


Go Bazza!!!!

pinkaardvarkHalf Marathon

Wow, 52 weeks is a long plan. Make sure you add some celebration/reward points in regularly throughout the year to help break it up so it doesn't seem like one giant climb.

Good luck!

Go for it Bazza!

ancientrunnerHalf Marathon

Good on you Bazza, just take it as it comes. Glad you are on the move again after all those setbacks


The plan sounds fantastic, and knowing you, you will nail this....

Richard7Half Marathon

We are cheering you on already. Go for it.

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