Are the Brits tougher than the Vikings?

Hi all! I had a good time at the Regents Park 10K, and even managed a PB.

But now that I'm on a British running forum, I need to ask. How do you survive running in bare skin when the temperature is below freezing? When I lived in the UK, I noticed people in sandals and shorts in the winter, and thought they were unusual. But most of the people today were in either T-shirts or wore long sleeves but capri trousers, shorts or slipper socks. The best runners wore singlets and shorts, but I understand that. But what about everybody else? I hadn't realized how cold it was (it was -4), so I didn't wear my woollen undergarments, and regretted it.

Maybe I can finally get some insight!

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  • Surely it's obvious! Do you think you would have got that PB if you had worn your woollen stuff? Nope you would be all nice and warm and would have just taken a nice gentle run enjoying it all. But you where so cold you needed to run faster to get to warm and get to finish quicker. My run was not quick this weekend because I wore tights and long sleeves with a T-shirt too (I also had to push a pushchair).

    So people wear less so they run faster!

    And well done on the PB

  • Thanks! I've already noticed some truth to that - as my winter pace is usually quite slower than my regular pace. The reason I wear the woollens isn't for the run itself. It's for after. It prevents my legs from turning that frozen red that keeps me cold for hours afterwards (I suspect I have poor circulation).

  • On Saturday I did Parkrun in a t-shirt and capri pants but as soon as I finished I put on long tracksuit bottoms a fleece and a coat which I zipped up to the throat! :) I don't do cold!

  • I do wear a jacket but I get very hot so I often end up in a vest.... I think we are all different....

  • Wow! Well done '3P0!!

    I get really hot really quickly when I run, so I usually wear as little as possible. With the recent cold weather I've actually been in long-sleeved tops and long tights, but getting so sweaty! I've been persevering because I read Julian Goater's book 'The Art of Running Faster' recently (someone on here or Facebook recommended it), and he thinks that runners should keep their muscles warm by covering them up (until they're really sprinting), which makes some kind of sense to me. But if I was going to parkrun or something I'd want shorts and t-shirt. I'd have to get home pretty quickly afterwards though :)

    Actually, now I think of it, I remember being surprised at the Oxford Half that so many people were wearing capris or long tights, really the opposite of what you saw in Regents Park. Perhaps it's a London thing...

  • I wear capris and a tee shirt (proper dri fit job) for fast runs. For slower runs, probably my long pants and tee shirt. I take either a light run jacket or merino top and tie either round my middle when I've warmed up. Pop them back on for the walk home. I cover my ears with a folded down Buff

    I have a race this Sunday and I think it will be in capris and a thin tee. I wonder at the way some competitors get so overdressed. Last year my husband was convinced I would freeze to death.

    I used to be a complete wuss before I started running.

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