Good weather for running

Just seen the weather forecast for this week and it's a good one for running so crack on guys before the bad weather comes!!!


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  • OK :)

  • How's you doing?


  • Feeling a bit rough actually, Gra. Stupid sinuses. But at least I felt OK when I was running yesterday :) At the moment I'm not sure about tomorrow's run, but I'll leave that til tomorrow.

    The sun certainly has his hat on though, as you said! How're you doing?

    Abi :)

  • Hi abi

    Yes am well thanks

    Off to my running club to nite cos I need to run with a group to push myself sometimes!

    It's gonna be a cold one though!


  • Brrrrr! Have fun :)

  • Hi abi did a steady 8 miler cold but dry!!


  • Excellent! I did my 8k this morning, down to the marina and back, I'm feeling ship-shape again today! Beautiful sunrise, too :)

  • Brill πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸš΄πŸ½πŸƒπŸƒ

  • Taking one day at a time, but today was gorgeous. And today's run was great. So it matches.

  • Indeed!!

  • It was a nice bright sunny lunch time so i went for a run over the fields and far away, well 7km far away and the last 2km was running to morrisions for lunch (and Oreo donuts)

  • I was running yesterday in the sun 😊 Been out walking over the frosted fields with the dog this morning and got really warm ☺ He does speed along though πŸ•

  • Yes I had a springer spaniel like that! Lovely dog sadly passed away earlier this year,,,


  • It's been very chilly here!!!

  • Just done chertsey parkrun cracking run !!


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