Outdoor circuits = 1 x cinnamon bun!

Outdoor circuits = 1 x cinnamon bun!

Hello Saturday! I did my class with quitthegym.co.uk/ this morning at 9am - pouring rain and 3 degrees. That's me on the left with orange shoelaces- I am not quite collapsing with exhaustion (!) but stretching at the end of the class! Came home and straight into a hot bath, followed by a hot chocolate and a cinnamon bun. Well it is the weekend!

I love this class, even in the worst weather it is fun, and it makes me do core stuff, and quad strengthening etc that otherwise I am too lazy to do! Anyone else do anything similar?

Tomorrow I am going to be out for an early run before a Remembrance Day event. Enjoy your weekend everyone whatever the weather.

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  • Wow Well done !

    10/10 for showing dedication and commitment ! Plus if you enjoy it , that's most of the battle won isn't it ?

    Happy Weekend to you too ! :-) xxx

  • That looks fabulous, I love your laces too!! I am a member at the gym but I'd much rather do it outside!!! I do about 10 minutes 3 times a week of plank, push ups, lunges and squats but that's all....

  • I'm impressed!

  • I love this picture! And cocoa, and cinnamon buns. Also hot baths and orange shoe laces are mighty fine. Core work is OK I suppose...

  • That sounds fab!!!!! Just the thing!

    I was walking to and from the Remembrance Service, quite a trek, plus I had been running in the morning, so I prepped a rice pud which would sit in the oven doing its thing til I got back. I made it with coconut milk as my guests - due later - are vegan. I added cinammon and nutmeg, and some raisins. By the time I got back the house smelled gorgeous. One of my better ideas!

  • That sounds delicious!

  • Just spotted this. Yes, rice pudding made with coconut milk is lethally gorgeous.

  • Have to try this!

  • I wish I could find the motivation to make myself to core and strengthening work. I only think of it when I'm training distance (probably because that's when I start to ache), and then I tell myself that I'll get on with it as soon as "the next race" is over. Well done you for sticking to it!

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