Fog, mist and plus 1 degrees

It's Saturday morning, so that means checking the weather to schedule the long run. It's very mist out there and th forecast says that'll be replaced by fog (what's the difference!) only to disappear late afternoon as it starts to get dark. I don't mind must, but the temperature is hovering just about freezing, and I DO mind black ice on the back roads.

It will probably be perfectly fine. But just in case. I think I'll stay in bed for another hour before venturing out there.

What about you? Got any good plans for the weekend run?

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  • My typing is awful on this iPad. Sorry about that.

  • Morning Tomas and all !

    A very shivery - 3 degrees here in Mancunia and very foggy !

    Wrap up well folks and look out for the ice ! :-) xxx

  • Good plan!!! It's about 5 here in BRISTOL , I'm just getting fuelled up before running in the woods a bit later... it's quite mild here!! Enjoy your run when you get out :)

  • So it's actually warmer over here? After several weeks of rain that washed the snow away, things have cleared up, so I'm hoping for a nice long run along the fjord tomorrow morning. Of course it will probably be dark, but I'll enjoy the city lights.

  • You're near Oslo, is that correctly remembered? A run along the fjord sounds gorgeous.

  • It so does!! I'm v jealous!!

  • I'm a firm believer in scenic views on my long runs! Helps get me out there.

  • I'm not running this weekend, I usually only do when my long runs are going to take more than 3 hours. Or when I can make it to parkrun :) I'm feeling pleased that I have completed my first week of training for Brighton, though - yay :D

    Happy running, all!

  • I was planning to run tomorrow, I've had 2 days rest after my long run on Thursday, but my manky disc is playing up. Got an osteopath appointment booked for Monday, hopefully that should sort it out. Take care on the ice, but have a run for me Tomas!

  • Bloody disc. So sorry to hear that it's being awkward again curly. Hope the osteoguy can help.

  • Well.... I hadn't need to worry. No ice at all. Pea soup with visibility of around 5 inches, but perfectly safe ground. Now relaxing with a post run yogurt :)

  • I am doing a planned 9.75k tomorrow, or a gnat's under. I shall be running off road on my fave trail. My plan calls for a "fast" run but on the trail it's really tough to get a really fast time as it's too blummin tricky. I'll give it some welly and hope for the best. It's my race next weekend!

  • Fingers crossed for today. And for next weekend! :)

  • Ta 😊 I am champing at the bit to be out today. The call of the trail is very strong 😀

  • Oh I could stay in all day long and cuddle with the pup. But needs must. Mine's a grassy path along the canal, so it'll be nice. It will. I know it will. As soon as I get out there lol

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