Berlin marathon?

I'm thinking about the berlin marathon. I suspect based upon my hm time that a reasonable target time would be under 6 hours though as it is my first marathon I would aim to complete. I like the idea of the berlin marathon as it is in september which would give me lots of summer training hours. It is close to my birthday. I understand it is a fast marathon which suggests it is flat. What are peoples experience of this marathon and which one did people choose for their first?

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  • Have a look at turnturtle's recent post from Berlin,it's on this site a few posts down😆

  • Well more than a few!from 9 days ago.....

  • Did Juicy Ju do that one as well?

  • Google "Berlin Marathon profile" - it looks good, go for it! I haven't done a marathon yet, my first is coming up at the end of the month - it's a really hilly one. I think I'll go for a flat one next :)

  • Is there anything flat closer to home? Just seems logistically easier and cheaper I suspect

    Unless of course it's a birthday treat, in which case yeah why not!

    TT has just done the BM so she has all the goss. Her thread is hereabouts

  • I did my first in Paris... it's pretty flat, well organised and the bling was glorious!!! From reading Turnturtles report, Berlin looks pretty good...go for it!!

  • I'm thinking more about this and starting to look at alternatives and training plans..looking for advice on training plans and I have come across the manchester marathon which looks pretty good too.

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