I do like a good anniversary

I do like a good anniversary

Yep today is my 2nd run anniversary a whole two years ago i tried to run the 500 meters around our estate, of course I failed not even making it half way. Which made me go and find out how i can run and the next day I started the C25k!

Its like being the queen, having two birthdays although i think run anniversery is far more important then a birthday! If only my family would see how important it is.

Pictures :

1st, me a couple of months before my run adventure playing football.

2nd, me dying on that first run day.

3rd me at parkrun this weekend smashing it! (well 28minutes)

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  • Brilliant! Happy anniversary!! :)

  • well done ! :) good anniversary!!

  • Happy Runday!

  • Congratulations! And 28 minutes is smashing it indeed.

  • 28 minutes isn't bad my parkrun pb is just 23.34 minutes, but dont feel i can do that at the moment. but thanks!

  • Congratulations! In less than 2 years you have gone from less than 500m to 26.2 miles! What an amazing achievement!

  • thank you! Shame i can just about run 7k at the moment without me knee complaining! but its getting better slowly.

    When i first started i only ever wanted to go 5k because who wants to run further then that? only crazy people. funny how things change.

  • Funny indeed :) Mind you, when I first started I thought I would stick to 5k too, but for some reason I thought I would eventually be able to do it in 20 minutes - ha!

  • wow 20 minutes i remember how happy i was to get under 30minutes.

  • Oh gosh, I am nowhere near 20 mins, I don't think it can be possible!

  • Congratulations Ben !

    From Couch to Marathon in 2 years is absolutely awesome !

    You've dropped a fair amount of timber too :-)

    Happy Runniversary xxx

  • haha timber! yes the timber was an side effect of running, my aim was just to be able to run without dying. Back then i never saw myself as fat even though i was 18st something and obese, now i am 13st something and think i more critical about looking fat (I could lose a stone or so)! although i do look back at photos and wonder who that other guy is!

  • Brilliant - congratulations!

  • Gobsmacking! You've done so well, you look so different. Truly an inspiration xx

  • not sure about being an inspiration, but thanks!

  • Of course you are! Don't be so modest :-) xx

  • Great stuff. Well done.

  • Top marks that man. 😁😁. Well done. Happy anniversary.

  • Wow! That is an amazing amount of progress in two years! What an inspiration! Where to next?🙂

  • hmm doing a triathlon!

  • ...those Brownlee brothers have got a lot to answer for!! Lots of luck!🙂

  • i had entered it ages ago before they stole my thunder!

  • Wow Ben you look really different in.your face you can tell you've lost alot of weight. Brilliant achievement! Happy runniversary! 😊

  • thank you, it was an excellent side effect!

  • Fabulous, what a huge change, and you have achieved so much in that time too!!!!! That middle picture is fabulous... you should put that on your fridge!!!!

  • thank you, the middle picture is the worst!

  • and look at you now, you look about 10 years younger!

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