York 10K

York 10K

The first thing you need to know is that I keep all my imporrtant running paperwork ( training plans, running bibs etc ina yellow box file marked 'Running' (I am so well organised... ) The second thing you need to know is that like all well organised people I arranged all my running gear last night in a neat pile on the chair in my bedroom. There was my Garmin, carefully set to a 7min per K pace, my Gymboss, set to 2:30 run 30 sec walk intervals. My asthma inhalor, my ready made up bottle of electrolyte, my running socks, trusty Sauconys, jelly babies car keys and finally the running top, with my bib number filled in and safety pinned on in perfect symmetry. With such immaculate preparation what could possibly go wrong?

The race went well. It was pretty hot but I gave it my all, determined to achieve a PB this time - how cool would that be now I was in the 70 plus age group?

And though I was just about on my last legs as I crossed the finish line, my Garmin said I had done it. 25 whole seconds under my previous PB of 1.11:21. My visiting Kiwi grandson Charlie gave me a high five. Oh Joy!

But not for long...

Three hours later when the results came up on the website I keyed in my name . Result? No results found. I keyed in my number. A strange woman's name came up. I sent off an irate email to the organisers, demanding an explanation.

And then, suddenly, a horrible suspicion dawned on me. I hurtled into my study, dragged out the yellow running file and rifled through it. Oh, God. My unsullied York 10K bib stared up at me. It turned out I had run the entire race wearing the unused bib from the Leeds half marathon which I'd failed to show up for back in June. So my

magnificent effort went unrecorded and unlauded. Turns out that reaching 70 has drawbacks as well as opportunities. I am no longer the sharpest knife in the box. I feel I may need a carer to support me in the Berlin marathon. Any volunteers?

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  • Where did THAT tag come from? :-0

  • Congratulations on your Pb but commiserations on the wrong number saga! :) excellent time! and love the photo! but why did i think you were running Dublin this weekend???!!!

  • I was Aliboo, but still hadn't quite thrown off my bronchitis so decided at the last minute it would be prudent to do York instead, as the main aim is Berlin and I didn't want to jeopardise that. I really do have to do a half marathon though. Now Canterbury seems the only option and that seems frighteningly hilly.

  • Hilly HM not easy, but I reckon you could do it! Good luck whatever you decide, sounds like you're doing great ,especially if you've not been well.....

    There's a hilly HM down here in 2 weeks but I'm waiting to see what the weather's doing as my last race in the hot was not good.....

  • Well done - on the PB and the tag. Had been wondering how your training for Berlin was going.

  • Great time, but so sorry to hear the bib saga. Good luck for the rest of your training for the Berlin. You sound very organised so I am sure your training will see you good!

  • I'm sorry I. Still laughing from the tags!!! They are b#%^ggers sometimes. Garmin records your Pb and I take my PB more from my Garmin records than from race results. Due to the fact I start my Garmin off a minute earlier ever since doing a Event when I hadent reached 5km at the end of a 5km run. The next event I did the same and it was the Winter run and many people on here were saying they didn't get a 10km on their Garmin records, secondly all your Garmin records are in one place to look at, so in my book you got a PB. Well done on the time that's Fantasic, great picture with your grandson as well.

  • wow that is so easily done and could have been me! But more importantly huge mega well done on your achievement. That is a fabulous time and what a gorgeous pic. I totally love his t shirt!!!! This goes to show you will rock that marathon :)

  • Oh flippin eck TT! Doh!!!!! Love the tag by the way. Tee hee

    Oh gawd, it's a rotten thing to happen but YOU DID IT! That's the main thing. You know you did so you have to kick yourself and move on to the next one.

    Well done by the way. Respect!

  • Oh TT what are you like? That's exactly the sort of thing I'd do -can't blame age though because I've always been like that!

    Focussing on the positives, CONGRATULATIONS on a cracking new PB! Very well done. 25 seconds off your previous PB is tremendous, especially as you're recovering from illness. 🏅

    If you feel you need to do a HM before Berlin but you don't want to do a really hilly one (and who can blame you for not wanting to get exhausted doing a race that doesn't reflect the conditions in Berlin) then why not just do your own personal HM. Pick a date and a route that suits you, and arrange for some of your lovely family to act as support along the way. Then just do the run under race conditions. Your family members could act as drinks stations too if they're positioned at 5k distances. I know it's not ideal, but better than picking up an injury doing a hilly course you've not trained for. Alternatively, you could search for a local HM somewhere in The fens where there's lots of flat terrain.

    Good luck Sweetie, whatever you decide to do xx

    Edit: Have you considered the Fleetwood HM, it's flat and in 2weeks time


  • Thanks for that sound advice AM. Its exactly what my daughter says though Ironman son is all gung-ho and 'of COURSE you need to do a HM'. But he's made of strong iron and I'm rusty and suffering metal fatigue. I have a 21K pace run today as it happens so will see how that feels (I have a pretty good idea!)

  • Boys, eh! Girls are much more sensible ;) x

  • I did consider the Fleetwood but we will be driiving down through France that day and selfish old hubbie won't consider changing our plans (frankly, I'm not sorry-Lancashire doesn't have quite the appeal of the Loire ;-)).

  • Have to say, your old man is quite right on this occasion xx

  • Did you see I'd edited my last post, TT? x

  • I certainly did (see above!)

  • Oh my goodness - how annoying! But massive congratulations are still in order for a great run...and a very proud looking grandson too🙂

  • Oh no, you must be gutted. At least you had your Garmin, you know you got a PB, doesn't matter so much about the official results. Well done, that's better than I could do xx

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