Wobble's 10k Race Report

Wobble's 10k Race Report

Been back ages but faffing with technology! My Garmin is as ever failing to recognise the PB which I earned today. It drives me crackers! Bah Even worse was trying to compile a photo montage. Life's too short, and I need a hot bath, so stuff it. LOL

Had a great morning's fun at my planned 10k race. It was a sell out so it was a bit cramped at the start. I was in the queue for the lavs and had to run like hell to the start as they where they were waiting for loo stragglers.

Warm and dry today, and not much wind to bother us, so the race went fine. I did have to stop at one point to have a drink and a sweet so lost a bit of time but did well inspite of it.

Myasics plan projected a time of 54:04 which I beat!!!! PB, and an official time of 53:08!!!!!! Yay! I never dreamt I'd manage that, so it just goes to show what you can do if you put the hours into the training.

I will attempt a finish line photo. Here goes...

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  • Wow an amazing time go Mo!

  • Absolutely brilliant. Well done. x

  • Brilliant time. You must be very proud, and if that's you in the picture you look remarkably strong and relaxed.

  • Great result!

  • Fantastic!!!! Well done :)

  • Woo hoo , look at you go ! Youre just a blur youre going that fast !

    Massive Congratulations Wobble , that is such an amazing time , you mustve left the others for dust !

    Really Well done, fantastic run , and a new PB too ! :-) xxx

  • BRILLIANT time MW! and like poppy says, you're so fast you're a blur! congratulations! :)

  • Well done wobble

    Great pic


  • Cor just look at you go! Go-faster shoes they are!

  • Saucony kinvara 5. They are very light but the uppers are like paper πŸ˜•

    There was a fab shoe sale on yesterday but as I had no dosh I had to walk away. My old man would not sub me! Β£50 for Nike Frees in my required colour πŸ˜₯ He says I have to wait for Santa 😊

    Most of the shoes, all half price, seemed to be the larger or smaller sizes. They had Cascadias too. Tragic 😭

  • Blimey, super speedy you are, well done on the PB! Fabulous pic of you striding for the finish, like, like, like......πŸ˜„πŸ‘


  • Cracking time MissW, you're one speedy lady.

  • what a fab pic, you are airbourne and what an amazing body you have there... nice work sister :) and what a time!!!!!!

  • I agree Ju, all that training and good grub has paid off big time ! Youre looking great, Wobble ! :-) xxx

  • 53:08?!! Wow, that is amazing Miss W, huge congratulations! And the finish line photo is awesome!!

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