Just a quickie to say that after doing some strengthening and stretching involving my old friend Davina I started an Asics 10K plan. I've done 10 miles this week, and loved it! It's all slow steady running to start with which is what I need to get some confidence in myself back. I actually wanted to run every day - feel like I did when I finished C25K. So I hope this motivation and love continues! 10K set for 12th August, I'm in the Wye Valley on holiday so may have to delay a little....unless anyone knows a good route round there I've never been?

Happy running everyone πŸ˜€

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  • Good luck with it Katie. Sounds like you're in great form

  • 10 miles is nearly a half, so sounds like your doing great. can i borow this davina thing?

  • It wasn't 10 miles all together! It was over 4 runs. Davina Buff and Intense are my favs, give her a go πŸ˜€

  • Well maybe if you have 5 walking breaks you could do a half!

    I think if I brought Davina bums and intense home my other half might start getting even more worried!

  • Your other half might join in! πŸ˜‰

  • You've got it in the bag Katie , Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks!

  • Google for a running route there. There's bound to be some 😊 might even be a gold medal rated one.

    I follow myasics plans but was getting injured before race day, or too knackered from the prescribed fast runs, even on their "easy" plans, so am doing the distances as per plan but just taking things steady. I am nearly 59 so gotta pace meself 😊

    Doing the fitness dvd will do you good but I do mine on non-run days so I can recover. Don't overdo things Katie!

    Good luck. Enjoy those training runs ☺

  • Yep I do my Davina on 'rest' days and I'm not bothered about times or targets with the plan more routine and distance. I think I'll follow the river for my run can't get lost then!

  • That makes me so happy to read.... and what a gorgeous place to do a 10k.......

  • Looks beautiful, your neck of the woods (compared to me in Sheffield) isn't it? Really looking forward to it - mainly for the run but don't tell my husband that! πŸ˜‰

  • Sheff is all hills so you should be ready for anything. The sheffield area running clubs have some brill runners who seem to paste everyone else on race days 😊

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