Two Castles 2016 (more cowbell!)

Two Castles 2016 (more cowbell!)

Completed it in 53:26 this morning. It all went rather well - the hill in the middle didn't really cause too many problems. Lovely atmosphere throughout, plenty of people along the route cheering us on, ringing a cowbell and handing out sweets. It all seemed to pass by much quicker than any previous 10k that I have done... I guess I wasn't looking at my watch quite as much. Plus I was concentrating on overtaking people most of the time!

Yes, it was rather wet - I am glad a brought a dry set of clothes as I was waiting 45 mins afterwards to meet up with my wife and daughter!

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  • Excellent result Simon, speeding up at the end too, brilliant! 😊😆

    Well done to you,sounds like a fun event!

  • I feel now like I could have sped up a bit sooner. Lack of familiarity with the course didn't help. No such problem for my next 10k - Stratford in September - I know exactly what to expect.

  • Brilliant Simon , Well done, Coo that's speedy ! :-)

    Looking a very happy chap in your photo, did you get a goody bag too ? What was in it ? We need all the details, you know what we're like ! :-D

    Congratulations to you xxx

  • Just a T-shirt, chocolate cereal bar, a few flyers and my medal. I'm not sure what I was expecting to be honest.

    I think my expression is a mixture of happiness and sheer relief that I was about to dry myself off and heat up in the car.

  • Great result! Congratulations. It has been wet today, but I think that's better than running in the sun. Nice to hear that you had lots of support along the way too.

  • The rain wasn't a problem during the run, just afterwards...

    I was surprised at how few runners were wearing caps. Yes, there was very little sun but it definitely helped to keep the rain off my glasses.

  • Well done Simon! Super speedy time too, just as we expected!

  • Well done Simon, great run!!

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