London Marathon 2016

London Marathon 2016

Hello everyone! 

Time for a report on Sunday. The photo was taken at 22.5 miles - sums up everything about the day! 

As I left the house at 6.15 the temperature was below freezing, and I was wondering if I was wearing the right clothes - a short sleeved top did not feel right! Arrived at Blackheath at 8 - and it was still absolutely freezing, my teeth were chattering. And that was wearing an old sweatshirt of my husband's that reached practically to my knees, and a jacket. So many friendly people, all reassuring each other and chatting. A lovely atmosphere. 

The time to the start passed quite quickly - it is amazing how many times you can go to the toilet in 2 hours! (And there were plenty of toilets too). And then we were off. Right from the very beginning the crowd support was fantastic. People cheering, clapping, bands playing, choirs singing, music blasting. (The smell of barbecues is a bit off putting though ... 😉)

The weather did get a bit warmer, and actually in the end was pretty much perfect running weather, although personally I would have liked a little more sunshine. At about 10km my right knee was hurting - oh no! But you just cannot think of that when you still have so many more miles to go, so I thought about anything but... My family, my sisters (especially my sister who has Type1 and is a major reason I run for JDRF). I looked around at all the incredible people who have trained just as I have - for months in the cold, the dark, the rain, and how much money people have collectively raised for charities. I looked at the spectators cheering on complete strangers as if we were all best buddies. By the way - ALWAYS get your name on your top - that is my top tip! When I was feeling tired I ran a bit closer to the crowd and then lots of people shout your name and you get a bit lighter in your step. 

Anyway - at the point of the photo I was completely exhausted, my legs were hurting and I was wondering if I could actually get to the end - and then I saw my friends and family by the road - who had waited for hours and hours! I hugged every single one of them, and said  I didn't think I could do it in under 5 hours ( which was  my target) - yes yes they said - and off I went. A quick glance at my watch and I thought if I kept up the pace I might just about do it. 

I felt like I was sprinting- a look at my trusty Garmin told me no! But finally the Mall was in sight - then the finish line - and then it was over! 4:58:12 - I am very happy with that! 

It is a wonderful, exciting, amazing experience. But I really will not being doing it again! 

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  • Lovely report ECAR. I have to say I've never experienced anything like it in my life - the crowds were amazing, the atmosphere, the camaraderie &c &c. If I could do it again tomorrow I would.

  • Yes it was amazing, but at this very moment I am thinking I will stick to half marathons! 

  • Congratulations!  Well done on your fantastic achievement (and your report).  Hope the recovery is going well.

  • Thank you! Yes recovery is going ok- I managed to cycle to work today! 

  • Lovely report - jolly well done!!

  • Thank you! 

  • well done great time and great report makes me want to do london next year even more! (i shall find a way) 

    As for not doing one again, i said that after Brighton, i promised myself why would i want to put myself through that pain again all that training in the dark winter cold nights.  Then you start thinking I think i could go a bit faster next time........

  • Well yes I can see that thought coming - but I am beating it away! I will stick to half marathons from now on! 

  • We shall see :) 

  • Well done! Lovely to read about it.

  • Thank you! I liked your top ten tips from a couple of weeks ago- totally agree about names on tops. 

  • That had me in tears... the picture and that feeling, I know it so well. You did absolutely brilliantly, great time too that is a fantastic achievement.... I hope you properly celebrated :)

  • Thank you! That moment was quite emotional! And yes we did celebrate - prosecco and sushi, noodles, duck and rice! 

  • Lovely photo and one for the mantelpiece ☺  Well done, you're so brave to have done it.  😊 

  • Brave or mad?! It was an experience - amazing day. 

  • Congratulations. An awesome achievement. 

  • Thank you, it certainly felt like an achievement! 

  • This made me well up to be honest !

    What an amazing report, almost felt that I was there with you.

    Massive respect and Congratulations to you, you should be immensely proud of yourself, what a fantastic achievement !

    Absolutely brilliant , Well done you ! :-) xxx

  • Aww! Thank you poppypug! It was quite an emotional day, and one that I won't forget! 

  • Great report!  What an achievement!  I am in awe of all of you that completed this run.

    Well done - but I bet once the ballot opens you'll find yourself putting your name in!!!

  • Haha! I hope I can restrain myself! The training takes up so much time! 

  • Aww well done Emily! 26.2 miles is such a long way and there you are beaming😊.

     Are you still in shock that you've done it!!🏆🏆 huge Congratulations, 

    You're sis must be VERY proud X 

  • Thank you. I wasn't beaming a few seconds before that photo, but the sight of them really lifted me. I am incredibly proud of my sister - she has dealt with Type 1 diabetes since she was 10 years old. Apart from the very first insulin injection she has always done them herself, and she is an inspiration to me. 

  • I've never done a marathon and all the posts here do inspire me to take it on but I am happy with training for halfs. 

    Your another inspirational marathoner; all the best to you, your sister and family 👏👏

  • Wow!Congratulations! !!😊you look great in your photo and how fantastic you got under your 5hr target! Enjoy your post marathon glory, su h a long tun but from what ive seen and heard well worth it.

    * Just back from my run club and saw my friend Lisa's medal from the day, they are lovely!it was her birthday too!!😊😆

  • Thanks! Yes the medal is nice and big and heavy! 😊

  • Well done. Brilliant time.

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