My Brighton Marathon 2016 report

My Brighton Marathon 2016 report

What a glorious day!   The sun was shinning but with a bit of a chill in the air I would say perfect weather condition's. 

I am happy i stayed at my in-laws in Eastbourne it allowed me to get ready in a stress free environment (anyone with kids will know what i mean).  But I did meet up with my parents, other half and kids at the start in Preston park which was great and they put my nerves at rest.   I feel sorry for the women at this point the queues for the toilets looked very long  luckily for the guys we had urinals so didn't ever need to wait.

So we all lined in our starting pens which for me was the yellow one for a (4hr-4.30hr finish) and nerves started to set in, and kept telling myself start easy watch your pace and i will be ok. 

So off we went and was off at a nice pace and one that i was  comfortable my watch was telling me i was on target.  My family where close to the start and cheering me on which was a nice.  So it was a little hilly start (i would say more slopes) around Brighton with one short steep hill in the mix none of which worried me and then it was out of city center, towards the Village of Overdean, the crowds and the city where amazing cheering everyone on.  But started to thin out as we got out into the country side, but again it was good to see the people of overdean cheering us on.  Once at overdean we cut back on ourselves and back along the way came (alot of this in brighton)

It was once i was getting back into Brighton I started hearing people cheer on a boob! it was a man dressed a boob! It was mile 12 already and I knew from now on it was very flat. No pains or tiredness yet! and was on course for my time. 

It was then on through Hove which was again very well supported with lots music, high 5's and jelly babies but this was a long straight road that seemed to go on forever.  Again this was an out and back section so I knew once i got to the end I would have to come all the way back  we did the switch back.  On the way back my legs where starting to feel it but wasn't a great problem i could still run and kept taking my gels every 30 minutes. 

It was then on to the famed power station section, and this was the worst section of all, not much supporters and getting on the race and was a mental challenge.  At mile 22 i could feel my pace starting to drop and was around 23 miles I hit the wall my pace nose dived but I promised myself not to stop running.  But as we headed back along the sea and back into Brighton again the crowds where getting very busy again all cheering you on and with my legs gone its exactly what i needed. 

My legs where in pain i was in pain, but i was determined those last miles took for ever and i kept saying to myself just a parkrun left, just half a park run left etc  It was the longest hardest parkrun i had ever done!   

Then I saw my family with a mile to go what a boost! i kissed my other half, i high five the kids and off i went, it gave me a boost but not to my pace! 

Then i saw the finish line what a magnificent site and as i run down towards it, i heard someone had just proposed to his GF on the finish line, so lovely. 

I was so happy to cross that line pick up my medal and other bits and peaces, i just went and laid on the beach and ate everything i had. 

At times during the race i got very emotional and started to cry as I could not believe that was actually doing a marathon this time two years ago I couldn't run 100 meters at the pace i did the majority of this marathon.  it was an amazing feeling. 

The time i wanted 4hrs 15minutes my offical chip time 4hrs 27minutes. 

the good - 

Very emotional experience. 

The crowds where fantastic

Lots of water stops (i didnt mind the cups)

I completed it. 

The bad - 

I didnt have a shirt with my name.

Hitting the wall.

My legs the day after. 

The speed bumps around the power station, they where like mountains! (my legs had gone at this point)

Sorry for such a long post, i hope it all makes sense. 

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  • Great write up Ben, absolutely fabulous! I used to live in Hove years ago, what a great place for a marathon. Brilliant time you must be so chuffed xxx

  • thank you, Yes hove had such a party feel to it, it was great just that dammed road seemed to go on forever!  

  • Yes, I remember leaving a night club somewhat the worse for wear and deciding to walk home through impenetrable fog....stupid idea, indeed it went on for several weeks, or so it seemed! Well done, you ran it twice!

  • Well done Ben - terrific effort!

  • thank you.

  • Absolutely awesome Ben ! Oh I was welling up reading that as you could tell how much it meant to you .

    Massive respect to you , anyone who can take on a Marathon is a complete winner in my book .

    You look fantastic and that medal is truly amazing !

    Well done ! ( Take the rest of the week off ) Ha ha ! :-) xxx

  • oh thank you, it was was a very emotional race for me and very happy I did it and if anyone can do a marathon i would recommend it at least once. 

    I shall tell my boss you said i can take the rest of the week off! Thanks

  • Ha ha ! Ah Im sure he wont mind :-) xxx

  • Great, i am happy i have today off.

  • Brilliant! Jolly well done :)

  • thank you.

  • Well done!  Sniff!  That was really emotional.  It's hard enough doing a half but the full  distance is immense, so you must be hugely relieved and chuffed that it's over.  I bet you're eating everything in sight at this point.  

    Try and get some rest as it does beat your body up rather!

  • I am very happy it's over and happy my legs are not as sore as they where this morning. Thanks for your kind words 

  • Miss W, I thought for a second there that your special nickname for Ben was "Sniff" :D

    I think I need glasses...

  • Hahai quite like the idea of a special nickname but maybe not sniff! 

  • Just amazing. The effort you guys put in was just awesome. Great time !

  • Thank you all those months of training and I can say it was totally worth it 

  • Changed my photo as got some off my dad. 

  • Very well done Ben! What a great run and a great write up too - very detailed and atmospheric. You must be delighted with your time. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Hope your legs are feeling a bit better today 😀

  • Thank you i am glad you enjoyed my write up. 

    My legs are feeling better now thank you i had a bath with some kind of salts, and started to think I could get a quick 5k in tomorrow. 

  • That is amazing Ben - well done! Great report too. It is inspiring to hear this just a few days before I do 'my marathon' (as it were!). I can only hope to do it as well as you have. Biggest congratulations, fantastic achievement! 👏🏼

  • Thank you for your kind words. 

    Your marathon will be great your have a good crowd cheering you on all the way round and just belive your training and your be great. 

  • Congratulations. An amazing achievement ☺

  • thank you, thinking back it makes you think how big it was, and what is next! 

  • Congratulations Ben what a brilliant acheivement! Sounds like you really enjoyed the experience overall,  Sounds like you might enjoy the challenge again!great photos and race report😊😆

  • thank you i did enjoy  it right up to hitting that wall! it was painful but.  What is next who knows i have to work that one out! 

  • Well done Ben! Great write up and what a fantastic achievement! You are a massive inspiration  and I bet your family are so proud of you!

  • thank you not sure i am an inspiration that much :) i am sure my family are proud i at least had a day off from changing nappies! 

  • A huge well done to you.  

    A massive achievement, you should be so very proud xx

  • thank you i am very happy with my achievement,  its still ok to be wearing the medal right? 

  • Of course, I'm sure it's versatile and will go with most attire x😃😃

  • Well done Ben! You do realise as a seasoned marathoner you now have to become my mentor ? ;-)

  • thank you. 

    A mentor you say? i sure there are others who would a better job! but sure why not.   So come on out the door I want 10k before teatime. 

  • Well that didn't last long. You're fired!

  • i didn't even get you to do the foam roller or anything! 

  • Well done Ben, that's inspiring.   Great report and a fantastic time.

  • Thank you, hopefully the time can get better just need to work out how not to hit the wall 

  • woo hooo you did it!! A huge mega well done from me. I am so sorry not to have seen you in Brighton but I was thinking of you as i went round hoping you were OK. Your time is fantastic, I bet you are absolutely delighted? 

  • Thank you I very happy with my time. and well done to you. I kept looking over the road for when we did the switch backs, but it was kinda hard to see with so many people but we must have passed each other at some point! 

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