Feeling Apprehensive

So tomorrow I am running the Southend half and have to confess to feeling more than a little worried.

My running gas taken a real hammering lately. Taken a new job which I love but is longer hours and a long commute and just haven't been able to fit much in or had the energy to do it.

I ran 10 miles last Sunday which after Mile 7 was very hard, although it was really hot, however I did manage to do it in my quickest time ever !!!

So I toyed with the idea of pulling out of tomorrow but have decided to give it a go,. I'm trying to tell myself that it just doesn't matter about time, just get round but I know that there will be that side of me that wants to do it well.

I am just not the sort of person that does anything under prepared but tomorrow I will be and hoping that my legs will remember what they have to do.

I am hoping the sun will not make an appearance and dare I say it, hoping for a little rain.

Mental preparation is key for me now.

It's gonna be hard but hopefully I will manage it and be able to tell the tale with a shiny medal.

Jules xx

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  • Good luck Dunnja. I don't think anyone ever feels they have prepared as much as they could have 😊. I'm sure you'll be great when you get under way. Just do your best to enjoy it.

  • Thank you OG.

    When I did my first HM which was the last one I did I was running a lot and followed a training plan. I know I haven't put in the training do will just have to hope xx

  • Like you, I religiously followed a training plan for my first half. I wasn't as good preparing for my subsequent ones (now done 4), but have somehow managed to improve my PB.

    I am sure its a confidence thing as much as anything else. Even so, I have my next half in a couple of weeks and am doubting that I'm ready. Hoping a 12 mile run tomorrow will prove me wrong!

    All the best, look forward to the report and seeing the medal.

  • Hey sweets, I'm in no position to comment as I've not run for so long now, for same reasons BUT I know you can do this...you're so determined and driven...just go for it my lovely!

    And let us know how it goes xx

  • Hey lovely. That has cheered me up no end. Thank you so much. Xxxx

  • Hi Jules... You will be ok. The mind can play awful games with us. Get your mantra ready to make you and your body feel empowered and go nail that race :)

  • Thanks JJ. It's coz I haven't run much lately and before my other one I did loads of training. You are right. Mind over matter xxx

  • Glad you didn't pull out - the running has been very hard in the heat this week so you did well. Good luck - I would say just try and enjoy it

  • Thank you. I will try and enjoy. I have a running buddy so hopefully she will get me round xxx

  • You'll be fine Dunnja if you can do 10 miles in the heat and pushing yourself last week , just go out to enjoy it and bring home that medal! good luck :)

  • Thank you Aliboo. The support in here is so great xxx

  • You can do this Jools, youre more than capable of it . I think its just a case of pre event nerves and those Gremlins making you doubt yourself .

    I think once you get there and get going, everything will click into place .

    Its great that you've got someone to run with too, you can both encourage each other along the way.

    Good Luck , I'm sure you will be fine , please let us know how you go on ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppy. It's coz I know inhaventvrained that I'm doubting but will just go off slowly. Just thinking of the bling at the end.


  • The weather there is cooler tomorrow and looks to be cloudy. Better than scorchio, so there's a bonus from the off ☺

    Think positive! You know what you're on with, you've practised it. Get an early night and make sure you are well hydrated (with water 😊) Do set out to enjoy yourself! This is what all this hard work is about ☺

    You'll be fine 😊

  • Thank you Muss Wobble, that is half the trouble though. I haven't practised it much. Still too late for squawking now. Need to man up and do it x

  • Oh, Dunnja, you sound so like me, so I totally get what you are saying! However, just go and enjoy and don't beat yourself up about time etc. The adrenalin of the day will help you, I'm sure. Lots of luck🙂!

  • Thank you Sandra. I will. Now having some carbs and then it's a restful evening xxx

  • And while you rest, I will do my rain dance for you!😉💦🏃🏻💦

  • It's worked its tipping it down here xxx

  • Just want to say a big thank you to you all. The support of the group is just amazing and gas helped me today xxxx

  • your be great and just take your time dont go out to fast, make sure you take on lots of water tonight and more important remmeber the bling your get! not the medal at the end, but the half marathon label next to your name on here.

    does this go down the very long pier and back?

  • Ooh, I had forgotten about that. I have no idea where it goes Benwill. I try not too look too closely incase I see hills😃x

  • Very best of luck, Sweetie. I'd forgotten it was the Southend HM tomorrow but, if the weather is anything like today, you could certainly get your wish about rain. Hope you've got plenty of support to cheer you on during the race itself -I guess there are several RFYL-ers doing it too. Have fun, and try to concentrate on enjoying yourself rather than getting a PB.

    Looking forward to your race report xx

  • Thank you lovely.. No family support tomorrow but I am running with Tina from RFYL. Will drag myself round some how xx

  • I am sure you will be fine! If you have run 10 miles in the heat, then 13.1 is definitely doable. As everyone says take it slow at the start, and drink plenty especially if it's hot! Good luck!

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