Trying to convince people running does not harm my knees 🙁

Trying to convince people running does not harm my knees 🙁

Pretty frustrating that in the last week I have tried to convince two people that running does not damage your knees - one a personal trainer who works in the gym, the other an older man who is a bit overweight (as am I)!!! Starting to settle into my own half marathon training plan (September so plenty of time) and what happens? I have a pain in my knee - there is no way I will tell anyone except u guys, don't want running to get a bad name LOL. Taken 2 rest days and will see how it is tomorrow, was hoping for a slow 5k and then a 10k on Saturday but I will do the right thing rather than what I want to do and rest if needed plus stretch and flex exercises to see if that will ease it. Maybe swimming tomorrow too!

1. Personal trainers need to be seen as fitness experts and want people to pay for them to give advice and use the gym too!

2. People who are unfit can make stuff up so they don't have to get moving!

Neither of the above will influence me, I run when and where I want, it is free (except the race fees) and my heart and lungs are amazingly fit since I started moving. I am pretty sure by now I would be starting to feel some of the effects of a poor diet and lack of exercise at 52!

Julie 😀

Photo: running in mud = way more fun than sitting on a couch!!

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  • Brilliant pic, and I am so with you on your thoughts. I have spoken to a lot of people who say running is bad as they got a bad knee/ hip/ muscles etc. I do think part of the issue is that people barely exercise let alone run, so when they do the body complains and yes it does often get injured too... But it's also about persevering and tailoring plans to our bodies and lives.ámuri_people

    I think these guys are fab, they run as soon as they can walk. We are a lazy society and people find it easier to label things they are too lazy to do as 'bad for you' .... I feel quite passionate about this ( can you tell!!!).

    I hope your knee improves and you get out and enjoy your weekend of running 😀

  • I have planned to take a week to rest from running, not what I want to do at all as I have run x3 a week since starting C25k and then until now. I am swimming, cycling and doing step aerobics to keep moving though, I want to do my 10k and half marathon, so that is my goal

  • Very good plan... I hope you are feeling better??

  • I have the same thing at the moment, and agree with both of you completely!

    Just be kind to that knee and you should be fine by September. I was thinking of talking about this in response to your previous post asking for advice, but didn't want to be negativistic. But here I will say it: I injured my knee during a rather rushed preparation for my first half-marathon (which was last month), I'm not convinced that running actually caused the injury, but it certainly wasn't helping! Anyway, I was determined to finish the race and I did it, but I would have enjoyed it more (and I enjoyed it a lot!) if I hadn't been worrying about being stranded in the middle of Milton Keynes with a conked-out knee. And afterwards I had to take two weeks off running to recover enough to start again, and my knee is not completely better yet, although getting there. So, for my next HM (in May), if my knee is as it was before the first one I will not run. But I don't think I would change what I did at the first one! So, not very good advice as you see :)

    I said "ah well, that's what they say - running's bad for the knees" to my sports physio to wind him up, and as I predicted he went off on an extended rant :D

  • I know, I get very defensive because I love running! Bit ironic, my knee is still sore and swimming, step aerobics, cycling and walking just not the same (maybe need to take a complete break from moving but I'm bored)!! Julie

  • Sadly many of the personal trainers in gyms are narcissists obsessed with body building and sculpting and all that jazz, and like to sell those related products. They don't like running as it causes us to lose weight and get thin.

    Folks that glibly say "it'll ruin your knees" need to be challenged. Ask them who they know who has had their knees ruined. None I bet. It;s just something they say to assuage their guilt that they're doing no exercise. That's my take on it anyway.

    You are new to running though so you have to take care. Don't over-run!

  • Today someone said they heard about someone who was running and died of a heart attack! I don't think healthy diet or exercise has been part of their life and they are having health issues but I couldn't say perhaps if they started running 30 years ago, they would be feeling healthier. All I can do is promote the health benefits and pure fun of running, it's maybe a bit rude to be too honest.

    They just do not get it, I run because I love it and because I want to be healthy. One person dying while running doesn't stop me, because I think, if I were doing what makes me feel good about myself, more confident, in control and enjoying the wonderful world, so be it - I would die happy! Bury me in my running gear - already told my husband that - I have only been running for 6 months and it has brought me so much joy!

    I will be making up my recovery plan as I go along, I ran 5k slowly yesterday. Knee felt fine on the run and recovery ok but there is still some recovery needed, so no other exercise this week and no more than 5k runs Wednesday and Friday. Hate rest days but it is for the greater good!

  • Your running legs are built on your off days, it's when the body repair and restructuring takes place so never skimp on your day off. It's not a rest day anyway - from running maybe - but you can swim or walk the dog, cycle. Just a bit less heavy on the legs

  • When you start c25k your knees will flare up a bit because they're feeling impact they're not used to. I bet the people saying "it ruins your knees" felt sore knees after one run and decided to stop.

  • I can't remember the full details ...there is though lots of evidence to support the idea that running is in general beneficial to health. None-the-less runners are confronted with people suggesting that people who run are hurting their bodies general mad (particular marathon runners) for doing stuff that people feel is not worth while doing. One particular response I read was 'find something you love and let it kill you.'There is also the variation 'find some you love and let it consume you'. My thoughts would be people with passions are in general better for those passions and that running can and does become a worthwhile passion for some people (not all people mind and that is perfectly acceptable). A complex idea and one worth thinking about when confronted by people suggesting that running is bad for your health.

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