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Running streak progress report

Running streak progress report

Today it's day 15 of my running streak and im intending on continuing for as long as possible!! So this is what ive found:

1. I carry on with my usual running plans then on rest days I run just 1 to 2 slow miles

2. I have a very hectic life and I decided to fit in the small runs by aiming to leave work 10 minutes earlier and then running to get my daughter from the childminder at 6. This has been the biggest gain- we walk back together and I bring her a drink and sweets in my backpack. We go back through the fields, chat loads and have a beautiful time together.

3. I have been really careful not to increase mileage too much to avoid injury and that's been great so far.

4. I have been doing daily push ups too. Im up to 40 now- who'd have known!!

So my running streak has given me so much more than Id ever imagined!

Happy panthering everyone


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I need to go and lie down....


Wow!! I take my hat off to you, not only for the running streak but also for the push ups! Love the photos too. Following on from a previous HU discussion, are you wearing a skort in your top right picture?


Well done JJ! You certainly are one determined lady.


15 consecutive days running? Wow, that is some going, JJ.

My record streak is 1 day!


40 push ups!!!! That's brill ☺

I love that you've found a way that gets you your running time but also the brilliant bonus of quality time with your daughter.

Keep at it - you're doing fab


Lovely pics as usual Juicyju - and wow! You are one busy lady! I am afraid of push-ups myself...very afraid😱!

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Wow - well done! I don't run every day, but I do try and do something - cycle to work, or my outdoor gym class (which is really hard work!). If I don't do any kind of exercise I don't sleep so well. You are very dedicated to being doing push ups every day - I know I should, but I really don't...

Keep going - you will nail that trail!

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That's fantastic, I managed 5 days last week and ran out of steam! Well done, you look super fit, happy and healthy for it.

Lovely photos too! 👏👏👏


Well done! Sounds a sensible plan, too - just make sure you don't hurry that run to the childminder's too much! Your rest day runs should be low effort.

The press-ups are very impressive. My upper body strength is particularly pathetic - are you following any training plan for these, or just adding to them each day?


thats great to hear you have smashed my running streak which is only 6 days! Sounds like your turning into some sort of wonder woman.

Its also great to hear your having more time with your daughter its great to have more one on one time with the children especially with working and house work etc its not always easy to fit it in but sounds like you have found the perfect way.


brilliant !!

Well done to you!!



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