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urgh too hot !!


Hi all , hopefully some of you remember me from such posts as " i cant run for 1 minute " and " im never gonna manage this " and many many more lol ,

just to let you all know im still out and about and "semi " enjoying my running mostly due to the fact is too bloody warm !1 , ive done a few half marathons since my last post and have one lined up for sunday too , ive been not getting on very well in the heat but am hoping the race atmos will get me pumped for sunday :)

hope everyone is doing very well my hubby has started and kept running with me and we have been doing lots together and seperatly and we are having lots of fun due to the running !!

we have joine a running group and have made lots of new freinds ( not bad for a girl with social anxiety ) and in september i am starting training for a MARATHN on jan 1st !! ... and when im not out and about running , you can find me volunteering at parkrun

i owe all this to the support of the c25k forum and hope people find a little spark as i did from the posts XX

happy running :)

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Wow you’ve done amazingly well! Brilliant!

in reply to Tasha99

thankyou never thought i would be as into it as i am when i first started out on my treadmill lol !!

WhatsappHalf Marathon

THe heat has been tough, but when you get the chnace to run in cooler conditions you will find that it has done your fitness levels good. Good luck for your HM at the weekend. Where is your marathon in January?

in reply to Whatsapp

challenge-running.co.uk/rac... .. its this one its very locl to me :) .. i do hope i will find it easier when it cools !


Awesome, I was about to go looking for you to find out if you were still doing that half marathon 😊

How lovely to see you!!! Have fun with your marathon training - looking forward to hearing all about it 👏👏👏

in reply to roseabi

lol yeh great minds lol , i am doing it , did the Hever castle one a few weeks ago .. that was TOUGH hot and hilly :) x

i dont know if im going to have fun as such lol but i have a focus which is always good xx


January the 1st! Amazing! What a way to see in the new year 😍

in reply to Sqkr

i know , i had a brain fart at the begining of the year when i was dog walking as i saw them all running past doing it , i vowed i was gonna train for it and start the new year with a big mission , i hadnt even done my first race at that point either lol ! big ideas , hope im not all talk and no walk ( or run :))

Sandraj39Half Marathon

Great to hear you are still out there running...it has obviously had a massive impact on your life. Huge amounts of good luck for your marathon training too!🙂

in reply to Sandraj39

thanks :) it has everything i do is mostly running related now lol and 99% of my freinds are runners !!! whoda thunk it :P

FlickM3Half Marathon

You’ve certainly come a heck of a way from can’t run for one minute!

in reply to FlickM3

i know lol , getting quite excited for what promises to be a bloody hot one tommorrow !!! ... running with a little male entourage thats why :P X

AnniemurphHalf Marathon

Fantastic! What a brilliant story!


Yay, well done 👍. Have a great race 💪👍🏃‍♀️🏅

in reply to misswobble

thanks lovely XX i will try altho the heat may ruin me lol !!!


❤️❤️❤️ what a fabulous post, and pic and wow... you are doing brilliantly well done 😺

I love this! I love how running gets those of us to view ourselves differently and changes us for the better. 😊 Way to go you! Good luck for your H.M. But you will be great x

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