my first run

my first run

I had my first run in what seems like ages, it's actaully just over two weeks (Discounting last Saturday's parkrun - they don't count). Have not felt any pain or discomfort in my knees for the last couple of days and the sun was shinning (before the cloud and wind comes this weekend). I thought I would go for a little run at lunch time along a footpath I haven't used for ages and it was excellent the sun was out the tree's seemed to be in full Bloom and lots of bluebells. Oh and I got chased by some cows! Country people what are you suppose to do when cows follow you? I walked through the field and they followed me andc crowded around me then they like started fighting with each other.

I took it nice and easy not to fast and ended up doing just over 10km (dont tell my boss I was late back to work) stopped and took photos I didn't want to come home/back to work (I am working from home today)

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  • This looks so lovely! Sorry I can't help you with any cow advice though. I had a really nice run today too, I've been feeling a bit daunted after my hm didn't really go all that well, but today I feel much better!

    But why doesn't parkrun count?? :)

  • parkrun's do count but its only 5km, i have to run at my sons pace and last saturday i had to push my other son in the push chair too so had to start at the back too and the path is quite narrow at the start so its really slow! But there was a nice cake at the end.

  • Ah I see! Fair enough :) You earned that cake!

  • everyone earns cake! everyone go eat cake.

  • Totally agree with that last statement benwill ! Everyone should eat more cake (and run more 😉)

  • What a beautiful run that looks ! Can't help on the cows - I would have been scared!

  • I shall stay away from fields with cows.

  • That looks absolutely perfect Ben, gorgeous !

    I like Cows, I like how they just stand and gawp at you batting their lovely long eyelashes . Ha ha ! Don't think I would like to get too close though :-) xxx

  • Yes it was a very nice day i hope i can get out some more.

    i didnt want to get close, they wanted to get close to me, not sure why i was sweating a bit.

  • Glad it went well. Great place for a run.

  • Looks gorgeous... Well done. I have a fear of cows and I have had a number of encounters.

    Some good advice here, it's good to be very careful. Lastly don't go in a field with a bull.

  • Thanks i shall have a read.

  • I was never scared of cows (such a townie!) until i started running, Cambridge's commons are full of them. Like PP I thought they had gentle eyes, but now I now they glare malevolently...I climbed over a high fence last year rather than push through them to get the gate open...

  • Lovely scenery and pictures ben, hope your knee stayed strong and pain free.

    A very differant run without a pram and children 😊

  • yes my knee seems fine thanks now :)

    the run with the kids was the next day at parkrun!

  • Yep I'm scared of cows too. Probably as a result of being scooped up and thrown over a hedge by my dad as a child when we got chased and crowded by a load of cows on a walk. There were 4 kids and him and he tossed us all over the hedge one by one and then vaulted over himself. Happy days, lol

  • haha i had to vault over a barbed wire fence, i cut my hand slightly but i dont like to moan.

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