Try a triathlon?

Try a triathlon?

When the subject of triathlons has come up in the past I've always said "NO WAY!" :)

But, I just listened to a podcast* about triathlons that I thought had some really interesting points, and I quote:

“Without a doubt, the people who make the strongest athletes in triathlon come from a running background.”

“(By training for a triathlon) …you’ve consistently run for 12 weeks without getting injured, you’ve done all this hard work on the bike without getting injured, your body’s had a different stimulus without getting injured, and all of a sudden the result of that is, it turns out, you’ve got out of your own way and you’ve developed a different way of training that’s going to allow you to get even faster on the run.”

I can swim a bit, and I've got a bike... maybe I'm tempted... ;)

Have you tri-ed?

*RunnersConnect Run to the Top podcast:

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  • Very tempted in the past, occasionally tempted now. The biggest barrier for me is finding the time and money to swim. I'd also have to become a more proficient swimmer. That being said, it looks such a blast, the people who do it look really welcoming, and it looks like a good healthy sport. You should go for it.

  • Thanks! You should go for it too! :) I'm fine with swimming in a pool, but nervous in the sea, I guess practice would help! Also, running in a wetsuit - sweaty :O

  • I was signed up for an olympic triathlon (in Lake Windermere) but ran into some mojo problems so after a few months the training stopped. It still on my bucket list!

  • I love the idea of doing a race in the Lake District, I've already been tempted by the marathons up there. Hmmmm.... :)

  • Hi ros

    Yes go for it!

    A. Brilliant way to cross train!


    Couldn't find a swimming one!!

  • Thanks Gra! It is literally cross-training isn't it :)

  • Hi rose

    Yes it is

    I know a couple of triathletes and they say they do not get the injuries they used to whilst just doing the running


  • 🏊😎

  • 😃😃🚴🚴🚴🏽🏃

  • I did a sprint Tri in 2014 and I loved it as an event. So much so I have tried to keep with the swimming and running. I didn't have so much love for the cycling. I live in London and im a very nervous cyclist, I also live on the top of a hill so anywhere I go from here is down hill first then uphill home. I've got my head round that for running but I found it at lot when training for my Tri. I am adding in more stationary cycling when I can as my body felt more in tune doing the triathlon training than just running alone. The training really seems to suit me. I also like the fact I can hand on heart say I ticked the box of doing a triathlon, still makes me smile that little old me did it 😀.

  • Nice one - well done! I'm nervous about the cycling part too. I'll happily bomb along when it's straight and flat, but downhills and corners find me applying the brakes! Also, cycling in a crowd - eek! The training does sound great though, and I like what you say about ticking the box :)

  • I was really nervous about cycling in a crowd but it really wasent as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was on the slower side so I tucked myself in and out of the way. Every now and then I got the shout. "On the left". This meant somone was overtaking me. I was honestly fine with that. Your not allowed to wear headphones anywhere in a triathlon so training without music is worthwhile too. Also I practiced my transitions at home on the back of a chair which I found really helped me. Also have a look for a triathlon training day. My Tri did one about 2 months before and it was great, I think that was because it was beginners one but it is worth looking around because they talk you thorough some of the rules. Also I did a pool swim rather than a outdoors one. Go on, hehe you know you want too.😀.

  • Ooh, I never wear headphones, so that's another good reason to do it :D I'll look into training days, thanks! xx

    Could be a good project for next year ;)

  • Go for it! Not for me though - I swim like a stone😳!

  • Ha ha - thanks! :D

  • Oh, I will come out and say it - I really want to do a ( pool based ) sprint tri this year :) I have been following a tri plan and I love the variety of training. I, like you could swim a bit and had a mountain bike. The swimming has come back really quickly, it's true about muscle memory being strong for swimming. I am very much a beginner cyclist. The cycling I did do on a mountain bike as I'm scared of going fast ! Now I'm a bit more used to it my hubby has given me his old road bike and gave me those special shoes for Christmas which stick you to the pedals. Like everything it is practise, I'm confident I could get round one now - but I wanna race it !

  • Do it do it do it! :)

    My bike's a hybrid, but from what I've read that's fine for a beginner.

    The guy on the podcast had an interesting point about swimming. He suggests that it is a very good idea to get a bit of coaching, or at least get someone to watch you swimming and comment, because it is only possible (past a certain point) to get faster by improving form - but it's not easy to see problems with one's own form.

  • I will do it :) Can't do the local one in April, but they run it again in Sept so just waiting for entries to open :)

    I think any bike is fine for a beginner as you say.

    My pool offers free adult swimming lessons, so I went to that before I started to swim again. It wasn't very in depth but it was very worthwhile, as it was one on one. There is a tri club, not very local, about a 40 mins drive from me, but they do offer drop in swim sessions, so I have my eye on attending a few of those.

    Failing that as you say get someone to watch - and video you too if possible.

  • Yay :)

    I have noticed I haven't been able for some time to increase my swimming speed, I'm very curious to find out what I'm doing wrong!

  • When I went to my Tri training day they had Speedo coaches there and they taught us to roll as we breathe while doing front crawl. It revolutionised my swimming, it was such an eye opener about conserving energy which is what I found Tri training is about as well as speed. Well not so much speed for me but you know what I mean . 😀

  • Ha ha yes! I'm all about conserving energy :D

    I'm definitely going for some swimming coaching, many thanks!

  • Yes do it, do it now. Don't worry about the bike my first triathlon i did on my big clunky mountain bike and don't worry about cycling in groups, as your not allowed to draft (in other words you cant get to close to each other.) Also if your going to do an open water swim get some practice first in open water. Before my first tri I went to my local lake and did a course on swimming for a tri. It involved being kicked pushed swam over and swimming in group, also how to navigate and sight. I know love swimming in a lake its a lot nicer then a pool. I love doing tri's and want do a few this year, I do tend to stick to sprint tri's as they are easier to train for.

    My local running club also doe's some go tri events which are swimming in a pool and then a run. They are designed for taster sessions

    PS so exciting! go give it a go!

  • :) Thanks Ben!

    I'd better wait until the marathon's out of the way I reckon. But afterwards, why not?! Kicked, pushed and swam over? How can I possibly resist :D

  • You can cross train on a bike while training for the marathon!

    the kicked and pushed and swam over, didn't actually happen in any of the race's I done but it was good to know too how cope if it did gives you move confidence in the water.

  • Yeah, I may do that. I'm feeling a bit time-crunched at the moment, but that's another story :)

  • go on go on go on.... I would also love to one day but I can ONLY do breast stroke!!!!!!

  • You think you can do breast stroke! And to be honest plenty of people swim breast stroke (your not allowed to do back stroke.)

  • Thank you, Ju-Ju!

    I urge you to try the front crawl, try again! It's marvellous. I do understand the problems though. The only reason I do crawl is because I had to stop breast stroke when it injured my knee :)

  • I have never been able to!!!

  • You where never able to run a marathon before. But you did twice! So learning to do front crawl would be easy

  • ( gulp)

  • Bossy Ben :)

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