Greater Manchester Marathon

Greater Manchester Marathon

I promised to write a little report about last Sunday's Greater Manchester Marathon, so here goes! 

It was a perfect day for running - dry, still and sunny without being too hot. I'd never have thought it possible to get sunburned in Manchester in April, but I managed it! The course was great too - flat as a pancake - and the support all the way round was brilliant. Marshals were wonderful - especially this Forum's very own poppypug, who managed to spot me at around mile 24 and give me a cheer - the power of the Forum, Julia! It was one of those rare days when I felt good all the way, and I clocked 3 hrs 37 mins. It was my fourth marathon and best time yet - which just goes to show that it's possible to carry on making yourself better and better at running! 

There were lots of complaints after the run about queues of two hours to collect bags - which after you've run a marathon must be a nightmare. Fortunately I didn't have to do that, though I did get snarled up in traffic, which was also badly managed. But the brilliant Manchester crowds make me inclined to recommend it to anyone who wants a nice flat course.

Good luck to those of you running your own marathons in the next few weeks - I hope they are as memorable for you as mine was.

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  • Really can't imagine running for 3.5+ hours yet. I'm impressed. Liked the fan club too, very sweet. Had you been running long before you started doing marathons?

  • Yes - I worked gradually up to marathon distance. There's no secret to it - just lots and lots of practice! You'll get there - if I can do it anyone can! 

  • Hi Tom ! 

    It really was a great day wasnt it ? The crowd were amazing !

    Fantastic time, Many Congratulations to you . I can imagine your kids were so so proud of their Daddy ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you! I think they were pleased - but they were definitely more interested in scoffing what was in my goody bag afterwards

  • Ooh what was in the goody bag ? I am so nosy when it comes to stuff like that :-)

    The medals were pretty good too , werent they ? xxx

  • A nice mix of snacks - though I'd have eaten ANYTHING at the time! Nice T-shirt too.

  • Wow - super speedy. Well done :)

  • Thank you!

  • Well done Tom and what a fantastic time!  Congratulations.

  • Thanks!

  • Oh Tom that's fantastic and your time makes me feel feint!!! I was thinking about you on Sunday, Thankyou so much for giving us your report!! The kids look gorgeous and I love their t shirts.... So cute I bet it gave you oodles of energy just seeing them. I've printed off all your marathon tips and I'm taking note of all of them- I have a family pack of caffeine gels ready for blast off too 😎

  • Thank you! The very best of luck for Sunday - I really hope all those hard yards on the trails pay off for you. You'll be great! x

  • Congratulations! A fantastic time and huge achievement ..and I bet your kids are so proud of you!😀

  • Thank you! It seems to have inspired them to try running - the oldest one is going to do a ParkRun with me on Saturday!

  • Good for her! Hope you both have lots of fun!

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