My last long run

My last long run

So did 22miles yesterday on a very nice run around Eastbourne which took me up on to beachy head (i didn't jump off) and did parkrun as well.

But according to my plan this is my last long run before Brighton marathon on the 17th April. It seems a bit scary to me as I don't think i am ready I couldn't run any further yesterday but I did feel alot better then my runs previous. Should I try to get one more long run in? Should I trust the plan.

So confusing and terrifying

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  • Sorry, can't advise on the training aspect but just wanted to say well done on that run! Inspiring stuff! I am sure, also, that on the day, you will make the distance. After all, your username is 'Ben will' isn't it?😉. Keep the faith!!

  • Haha very true I never thought it that way. It just a cut down version of my surname,  but Ben Will do it! 

  • I have now just entered the paddock wood half next weekend. Very exciting and my first race of the year! 

  • What is the date and I will add it on ??

  • that would be on the 10th april. 


  • added :)

  • its actually on the 3rd of april sorry! 

  • done!!

  • Well done Ben.  That's a great achievement.

    I haven't trained fir a marathon but there are several in my running group doing Brighton and they are all now tapering.

    That probably doesn't help at all....😂


  • Oh thanks maybe I will be ok. 

  • Personally I'd say trust your plan.... You did it!!! 22 miles is a very very very long way and it takes your body a while to recover. I always feel dead at the end of any long run as I truly believe mental prep is key. If you say to yourself, ' today I will run 22 miles,' then you will albeit tough!!!! Likewise on the day you will run 26.2 miles and mentally be ready. Focus your taper time on fuel, hydration and mental focus. Study the map, watch clips from previous years ( sounds odd but helps visualise what it will be like) and feel a sense of achievement about your training. 😎

  • yes you are right, i will just the little half next weekend and that will be it! 

    did you do your last long run this weekend? how far did you go? 

  • And great pics too what a gorgeous place to run!!!

  • yes its not my normal place as was staying with the inlaws, but if i go again i would like to run more on the south downs. 

  • Well done, a great achievement already. All the plans I have seen suggest a taper - I would trust the plan. My longest run before London is next weekend - about the same length as yours. At the moment I am feeling apprehensive as my long run yesterday - about 18 miles- left me with a lot of pain in my right knee. The left is fine, but today my right leg still feels sore. I have been icing it, and drinking lemon/ginger/turmeric mixtures to promote recovery and fend off colds etc. It is all beginning to feel very close! 

  • thanks you are right but i guess we all have these niggles in the back of our mind, maybe its knowing the next long run will be the race!

    hope your knee gets better soon not sure about the lemon/ginger/turmeric mixture, i thought it was chocolate that helped recovery especially the ones shaped in a golden wrapper and shaped like a bunny rabbit. 

  • yes - that bunny tasted good too!

  • Hi Eatcakeandrun

      Is there a recipe for the lemon, ginger & turmeric drink?

     Thanks John. 

  • It's not exactly a recipe- I use the juice of a lemon, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon or so of turmeric, grated ginger - about a small thumb size, a bit of black pepper, maybe a couple of crushed cardamom pods (seeds only), sometimes a clove of garlic crushed ( depends on where I am going after!). Then top up with hot water and mix until blended. I managed to cure a really bad sore throat with that, 2 paracetamol and an early night a couple of weeks ago. The turmeric is anti inflammatory - I also put it in scrambled eggs for breakfast. 

    Hope that's useful! Emily

  • Thanks Emily 

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