Black toe nail

Was talking to my little sis, Aliboo on the way to the Salisbury 10M yesterday and discovered that we are both suffering from the running ailment of black toe nail syndrome :( . For a month or so now one of my toe nails on my left foot has been slowly turning black and has gone rock hard!!. Ali says she has heard of it before and that my toe nail is going to fall off . Has anybody else experienced this? I wonder how anyone else has cured it or did indeed the nail fall off?

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  • So not the black hand gang but the black toe nail gang! 😊 I have heard of this before and the toe nail did come off, from what I remember it was because of the trainers he was wearing but that sounds obvious really doesn't it. Maybe some decent cushioned socks might do the trick? Hope there not too painful!

  • Yes that seems to be the general consensus from what i've been reading up. Not especially painful just disturbing to look at :). I'll give that a try Frank, also i'm going to treat myself to a gait analysis and new shoes at the local running shop. Should be cured by Manchester hopefully. Have you thought about the Southampton Half? It's looking likely we will be doing it.

  • No wont be doing that one, would have liked too but we are on holiday from the 16 - 26 Apr. I do intend on running a HM this year though.

  • yes you could do it easily . Maybe we can arrange a suitable one after Manchester :)

  • Hope yours and Ali's toe nails heal up soon, and you find a solution to it. Yes we will see what HM are out there, we are away also in July & Sept for 2 weeks In each month so I have a look either side of these dates. 😊

  • i'm sure there will be something around those dates . We'll have a chat about it in Manchester. :)

  • I think it's a common problem, you poor love. Do your shoes fit ok. Another tip is nail vanish. I use that to cover up all manner of nastiness on my nails 😜 Hope you get it sorted....

  • Haha thanks juicy. I wonder what colour would suit me? Better get it sorted before the summer flip flop weather :D x

  • I'd say a glitter one :)

  • haha, i'll have a look :D

  • I don't have a black nail just a thick nail! You definitely need your hearing testing!!!!!!! 😣😆xxx

  • you definitely told me you do have. I think you go a bit delirious when yoiu get tired haha x

  • I did have half a one once after walk the wight!and mum had one too!!!

    Least I don't talk as loud as you!!!!😄🙉xxx

  • Half a one! Misswobble says you are not a proper runner until you've had one :D xx

  • Yes I had a toe nail fall off after my leg-crocking hilly 10k race some while back. Apparently, according to Rig, we're not proper runners til we have a nail fall off

    I left mine completely alone to do its thing. No fiddling with it at all, and it shed with no problems.

  • aha, i feel better now that i am a proper runner :) . Did it grow back ok misswobble?

  • Epsom salts, either in the bath, or just in a bowl to soak your feet would do your feet the world of good. It's antiseptic as well as anti inflammatory, soothes aches too

    My nail grew back but it does take quite a while. I had no trouble with it at all, thankfully

  • Thanks misswobble, i'll give that a try. :)

  • I have a black toenail on my poor little toe, its a badge of honor. Not that i am allowed to show my toes of to anyone other then the misses!

  • Haha and rightly so i'm sure Ben. Not sure anyone would want to look at my feet right now either !

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