Sub- 2hr HM, and I need big toe-box recommendations, please!

Sub- 2hr HM, and I need big toe-box recommendations, please!

I wanted to share (OK, show off :)) my wonderful surprise at the Oxford Half this Sunday - 01:58:05!! :D #OH is a superb event, and the weather was lovely too. My (extensive!) ramblings about the occasion can be read here:

On a slightly less auspicious note, me bunion was bothering a bit, and I'm thinking that my next pair of shoes should probably have wide toe-boxes - any recommendations, lovely people?

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  • well done!!! great time! Not sure what to recommend about shoes, I use Saucony and they have a wide range. i am pretty sure you can find a wide one. I would suggest to go to an specialized running shoes shop (really specialized, not like the last I went in where the only one who knew there were 3 different drops in the shoes was me...) and ask for suggestion...

    Sorry I can't help

    congratulations again for the HM

    all the best :)

  • Thanks Marco! And no worries :)

  • Wow !!! That is amazing , Massive Congratulations !!!

    Sorry cant offer any advice on the shoes, I am sure someone will be along to help .

    Great pic, I would order that and have it pride of place on my wall .

    Really Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppy, you're so kind! I am a bit tempted by that photo, I must say...

  • Aw you gotta get it @roseabi ! :-) xxx

  • Wow! That is definately something worth shouting about! Well done on such a superb time and a great pic too!πŸ™‚

  • :D Thank you, Sandra!

  • Congratulations on a great time! About shoes, I've tried one pair of trail shoes that had a nice and wide toe box - in fact, it's squareish. The Altra Superior 2.0. I believe that all Altras have the same type of toe box, so you might want to check them out.

  • Ooh, thanks, they sound good!

  • Well done roseabi - a great time! And you look amazing in that photo! So relaxed. I have a pair of Brooks that are quite wide at the front, but the best thing is to go to a running shop and take your time trying pairs on.

  • Wow, thanks Eatcakeandrun! And will do :)

  • Well done!😊 congrats on cracking the distance. Bet you're glad that's over ☺

    I have an awesome black nail and blistered big toe after my HM training and race. I have an arthritic big toe and try to find wide in the toe box shoes. I was reading today that you can end up with the blisters though not cos of the shoes but from too much moisture and the long distance, eg if you are throwing water over yourself,which is exactly what I was doing

    I have been looking at the Altra, which are well cushioned but zero drop, and would need transition time if you don't wear flat shoes now. Mizuno are wider in the toe box too. They are the widest ones I've tried on so far.

    Shoe shopping on the cards for you. Have fun ☺

  • Thank you, thank you!

    Mizuno, excellent, another one to check out - many thanks again! I spotted some groovy orange trail runners in the Altra range - I love orange! Shops, here I come :D

  • Well done, that's brilliant. I have Asics Nimbus and they seem wider at the front that some other shoes I tried (Brooks and Mizuno recently). Very nicely cushioned too. If you can find a Runners Need shop, they do price matching which is a help as the shoes are not cheap.

  • Thank you! And that sounds good, ta :)

  • I have wide feet. I find New Balance shoes as standard are good or Brooks do a 2EE fitting (though it's not always available on line), which is great (currently my trainer of choice, but I need a race lacing to give me sufficient ankleenex support).

  • Thank you x

    Ankleenex sounds like a useful thing you should invent :)

  • Don't you just love predicted text! Might have to give it some thought - ankle sweat bands that with cooling gel in the summer and heat pads in the winter maybe...

  • Could make you millions :)

  • woo hoo you superstar I am soooo jealous!!! Huge well done and what a gorgeous pic! Re the shoes I guess wide fitting ones I havent had that problem ( yet!!) :)

  • Thank you, ju-ju - I will look forward to seeing you beat my time!

  • I wish!!! Maybe one day ( its one of my goals to get a sub 2 hour), however I have slowed down lately as have had some foot troubles which have set me back :(

  • Oh yucky :( I hope it gets better really soon!

  • Thankyou :)

  • I don't have wide feet, just wide in the toe box bit

    Take care Juicy-Ju!!!!!! Sorry your feet are giving you some gyp. My blistered big toe with black nail is a bit aggravating at the minute. Racing Saturday so it needs to hurry up and heal! Feet! Bah!

  • Yes, feet are very annoying things - hope yours gets better in time, Miss W!

    I am the same, just need the wide toe box. I really am going to have to splash out a bit, I think. The Beachy Head Marathon is in two weeks, but luckily my trail shoes are wide in the toes. Living in those until then... actually I spilled some pizza sauce on them last night, doh! :)

  • Doh! Fetch a cloth! Two weeks away! Wooohoo! How flippin exciting is that! Ticking off the days on the calendar I bet. Thinking about what to take on the big day, or what not to take!

    My trail shoes are Brooks Cascadias and had em since just after I started running in 2013 and they are still going strong. Apparently good for 500 miles. I walk the dog in them too.

    My widest in the toe box shoes are Kinvara 5 but they are a tad minimal for long distances. I love em but have a rubbish big toe. I got the Zealots for the HM but they are narrower than they used to be. Grrrrr, why do shoe makers do that!

    I hope the training is going well. Carefully and tentatively. No false moves! We don't want any flies in the ointment

  • Ha :) Oh well, I've decorated them with some nice reddish splodges (darn it :)). I am most definitely counting down the days! I'm thinking long tights may be called for, and long sleeves. My biggest hope is for no gale-force winds... please?

    Yes, I don't know why so many shoes have such pointed front ends, surely everyone's toes get crammed together in them?

    And thank you!

  • I know! These makers are supposed to be experts on feet. Whose feet one wonders. LOL.

    Don't get overdressed! I run a 10k in December in capris and a shortish run top, as I get too hot. You could wear a vest or tee with a long sleeved top over the top, which you could take off if you get too hot, and wrap it round your waist. You will have to leave that decision til the last minute. You can take a selection in your bag if you're taking one.

  • What I really need is a team... ;)

  • Yeah, a Team Roseabi posse. I had two helpers at my half the other weekend. My husband carried my bag. Not much in it though I have to say. He's not very enthusiastic though and I can't count on his support, sadly. I hope you fare better in that dept.

  • Alas, I will have no team on Sunday :-( My hubby is dropping me off but doesn't want to hang about for the 2.1/2 hours + its going to take me , I cant blame him really though :-)

    I am going in my vest and shorts and a long sleeved top , then my light weight tracksuit on top of that. When I get there I am taking my tracksuit off , putting it in the bag drop and then once I get in the start pen and nearly ready for the off , I will take my top off and tie it around my waist, ready to put back on again when I finish .

    I am writing this down to refer back to it on Saturday night/Sunday morning when my faffidge ometer is on full overload , just so I know what Im supposed to be doing , Ha ha :-D xxx

  • Faffidge is a serious runners' problem :D

  • Yes very true, I think in faffidge time all the time .

    I will be ready to go in 15 minutes but then I have to add maybe another 15 minutes + faffidge time .

    Im surprised I ever get out of the door ! :-)xxx

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