Apologies for the state of my nail polish but that was the least of my worries on Thursday when a simple stubbed toe resulted in this... It still hurts today, three days later, and the bruising has spread even further , so will try and get in early to casualty tomorrow in the hope of getting an X-ray. If it's broken I'm afraid Berlin will be off. If not (please, God) I will strap it up and soldier on.

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  • Ouch !!!! That looks so painful !

    Oh I hope you get it sorted TT, fingers ( and toes ) crossed for you xxx

  • Oh no, TT Sweetie, that looks so incredibly sore. There is no treatment for a broken toe except buddy taping it to the adjacent toe (I don't think) Fingers crossed it's not as bad as it looks. The good thing is that they heal reasonably quickly and, of course, the bruising is better out than in. Let us know what's happening as soon as you know. Good luck at A&E xx

  • 6-8 weeks I'm told and running on it before that would quite possibly sabotage my chances of running again. Maybe positive thinking will help. It is NOT broken! I just bruise easily. Pass the arnica...

  • Obviously I am now only paying attention to the Maverick sites which try to FIND ways of running with a broken toe!

  • Oh that's impressive. Have everything crossed for you TT.

  • Sorry for your injury. You definitely need to take it easy. I manage to get a bad bruise between my two smallest toes a year ago. Things were very tender for many months - but i was able to run.

  • Aaaargh indeed! Poor you :( :( Sending lots of fairy dust your way...

  • Oh dear. Went to casualty and was very very impressed with the friendly, courteous and efficient treatment I received -hats off to the NHS. However the bad news is that I have a full on fracture of the proximal phalange of my little toe with a slight ridge indicating minor displacement. Treatment is strapping to adjacent toe, ibuprofen and rest. But there was a little bit of a nod and a wink given with the latter part of the advice as I had explained to the nurse about Berlin. My podiatrist daughter in law is coming around this morning to splint the toes and then I will try a gentle run this afternoon. Report to follow ;-)

  • Fancy having your own personal podiatrist, brilliant :) :) I'm sure you'll get the very best of advice from her. Hopefully all is not lost for Berlin and IronMum will get to go to the Marathon :)

  • I only understood some of that and thats it hurts alot! well i hope you can get away with a nice gentle run. Could you not do berlin on crutches?

  • If that's what it takes, I'm game!

  • Have just had my toe strapped but cant post another photo on this thread, so will have to start a new post to demonstrate daughter in law's skill!

  • Little toes... their only purpose is hitting hard corners and hurt like hell!

    But (to misquote the Bard) "you are such stuff as runners are made on, and your little toe is rounded with tape"; I'm sure nothing will keep you away from Berlin. ;)

  • Love it Secan 👏

  • It's mostly Billy's work... :D

  • :(

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