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Long Run...too long??

I'm training for my next HM in March (Bath) and yesterday was my longest long run before I start dropping the K's back a bit for long runs. Yesterday I actually covered 21k as at the last minute I had to change my route a bit. I have always been a bit of a run/walker but yesterday I found the last 5k a real struggle. I think it may have been a combination of tiredness, head wind and hills.

Now the question... was there any benefit in this run (going that far)?? Whilst the last section of the run was not good I did find it useful to push myself to test out my stamina, fueling, hydration, kit etc. I know during the race itself it will be tough, but I know the crowd factor will help. My new shoes and DexShell socks worked perfectly and my feet were warm and dry although I had light rain for my complete run. I also discovered how far I am away from even thinking about a full marathon. Today I feel OK and will be off to the gym tomorrow as normal which will include a few K's.

So, was I a bit of a wally... or is it good to test yourself now and again as long as you don't get injured???

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I am no expert at all Andy (still being at 10k) but I think I would also like to know I can do the distance prior to the race and then drop back in preparation. Don't they say the crowd give you a few extra km on the day anyway, so my guess is you will be fine...more than fine and we will all be 'virtually' cheering you on all the way! Super impressed by anyone taking on a HM and glad that the socks are doing their job!🙂


Nooooo Andy you're not a wally! When I did my 1 and only (so far!)HM last Nov Paul and I were training together though just doing our own thing no definite plan being followed. I did 20k along a really flat route 2 weeks before my longest before that beinf 17 or 18k but was plagued by my IT band troubles from 7k was a really hot October day and i hadn't drank enough and had the wrong clothes on! Now thats being a wally !made it in a run walk fashion but worried i had done more harm than good. Come race day it was really windy and my knee was niggly, but you know what, with crowd support and some of IP's fab flapjack i made it round and actually the last 5k was the best and fastest of the lot. I think you'll be fine on the day and like you say you have tested all kinds of stuff like your shoes and socks and that will give you confidence! Go Andy! 😊


Thanks Ali... I think that as long as you you safe and not tempting injury then its OK to test out the body and kit in readiness and then you can sort out whatever problems arise. Its not as if I jumped from 10k to 21k.. I had done a couple 14-16k runs the weeks before.

I feel for you running in the heat.. that's another bunch of problems to consider!! Think its a good things that most longer races are in the spring/autumn when its hopefully a bit cooler.


I would say do the distance for a half marathon you will go into the race knowing you can do it which will give you confidence. As for the last 5k being a struggle. isnt that what running and trying to improve is all about, if we did'nt struggle to reach our distance's or struggle to set a new parkrun pb then it would be all so easy. Just dont get injured and small steps when increasing distance!

but what do I know I have my first half marathon at the end of March and then my first Marathon in April.


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