Monday blues?

I do a long run on Friday or Saturday and last week managed an 11 km stumble after needing to rest my knee over the last couple of weeks. Rested Saturday and Sunday and went out for a 5k run today. As always, on Mondays, it was not fun but a slog and a half. I would have thought after a 2 day rest, I would be like a spring chicken! Anyone else struggle on Mondays, I look forward to it but it's never as good as I hope

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  • Mondays are a bit daunting, I think, but I must confess I had a really good run yesterday (Monday)! However, part of the reason was that I decided to do my chosen route anticlockwise for the first time. This made the run newly interesting, and also meant that I had the first 15 minutes or so running with the wind (which was the reason for the change of direction). It was glorious! So, I hereby recommend taking this course of action wherever possible, and particularly on a Monday :)

  • Next Monday, I will run backwards! LOL πŸ˜€

  • Next Monday then :D

    Apparently, a man is going to do my local parkrun on his hands in June, so that would be something to try next...

  • I haven't been out since Sunday which is really bad for me... I think we all have weeks like this, its par for the course. I hope next week you have some great runs... dont forget it takes a while for the body to recover...

  • Since signing up for a 1k in June and Half Marathon in September, I have had achy legs. Rested them which has helped but then a long run on Friday was a step too far too soon. Being very good this week, my running with lead legs Monday, good and enjoyable 5k run today in mud and on long grass. Just need to hold back and do another 5k on Friday. Trouble is, I love longer runs now because once I am going, feel I want to go further but my legs disagree!! Julie

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