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A Great Crosstraining activity ❄️

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon

An interesting finding...... I've been following a HM training plan for the last month or so that involves 3 runs and 2 crosstraining activities per week of my own choosing. I normally do my long run on Fridays, have Saturday as a rest day and then run again on Sunday and try to get the 3rd run and 2 crosstraining activities done (strength training, the elliptical or core work) sometime during the week. I've been reading roseabi's posts on her HM plan closely and learning lots on there. I've been struggling lately with motivation but had a great run on Friday healthunlocked.com/bridgeto...

As I drive home from work during the week, I pass by a coulee that I run in when I can't get out to my gorgeous lake trails. But it is under a decent blanket of snow and although I was able to run it last week; with the most recent snowfall, running it would be a bigger challenge than I'm willing to tackle right now.....but it is just begging to be explored with snowshoes. So last night hubby and I finally strapped on our snowshoes and got out there. We kept it a shorter excursion given kiddo still needed a ride to the youth centre and hubby's fitness has backslid a bit this year since he's not teaching Phys. Ed. for the first time in a very long time and has also been struggling a bit with the winter blues. I have found after the last couple of long runs, my hip flexors and muscle under my right bum cheek have been tight. Not too tight to stop running, but a reminder that my body isn't used to running longer distances on pavement and asphalt, and I'm probably not as relaxed running right now given the snow and icy conditions. So as we started our trek, I noticed my legs started loosening up and by the end, all signs of stiffness and soreness was gone. As I headed out for my planned run today, my legs were tired, but there was no stiffness or soreness noted at all. I recall roaseabi mentioning something about doing a crosstraining activity the day after the long run to help keep the legs moving and I have to say Yes! This works great! I've always kept Saturday as my rest day, but this may need to become my new snowshoeing day and perhaps a midweek evening trek as well! As we were soaking in the hot tub after our little excursion, we could hear they coyotes just a-yipping back and forth at each other. I think I'll forego any solo evening excursions but will hopefully be able to continue getting hubby to join me. We didn't take any pictures because we were using the moonlight and snow reflection with the distant street lights lighting our way, but perhaps next time, I'll see if anything shows up on a picture. It really is quite peaceful crunching through the deep snow, stopping to stare up at the sky and look for constellations and hoping for a glimpse of the Space Station zooming by with our fellow Canadian making his mark up there.

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mountaindreamerHalf Marathon

Wow - sounds an amazing experience! 😃❤️

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon
in reply to mountaindreamer

We haven't had decent enough snow for the last few years so it was nice to finally strap them on again. This year we're wishing for a very snowy year; will we be so lucky? The last few years we've been too cold to get much for snow and anything we got would become a hard crusty mess with all the wind. I have some time off over Christmas so would love to enjoy the activities that winter has to offer.


sounds absolutely magical :)

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon
in reply to linda9389

It truly was. We forgot how enjoyable it was but hope to get out again soon. Just can't let life (and work) get in the way.


Gosh it's a wonderful world! How lovely to enjoy your snowy walk vicariously - thank you xx Glad to hear your new discovery of benefits for your training too!


Looks like good fun/hard work Sask 😁👍🏼 Sky must be beautiful where you are.

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon
in reply to Decker

Our skies are pretty amazing with the lack of light pollution. It never ceases to amaze me when I take the time to look up 😍


Wonderful, absolutely fabulous That must be awesome 👍😃

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon
in reply to misswobble

I'm glad I got out when I did; we have a few cm of fresh snow coming tomorrow then we're a week above zero again 😩. Hopefully the snow will be ok still on Thursday, which is the next day I could go. I just have to take advanatage of good conditions when they are here.


Oh that sounds magical! I love being able to go out in the snow and enjoy it, rather than just struggling through because you need to get from A to B. I don't get enough of those opportunities, when we do get proper snow it seems to come at the most annoying times!

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon
in reply to Sqkr

Unfortunately now we’re in a warm up with day time highs above zero for the next week. There goes my snowshoeing plans for tomorrow night 😢. It makes it hard to enjoy winter activities. The city workers are working through the night trying to get our outdoor rinks flooded during the cold night time lows but MotherNature isn’t cooperating during the day. What a change where we wish for winter weather but it makes it seem much more festive and Christmas-y


Sounds divine!! Very interesting info in cross training too. I’ll be needing that!

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon
in reply to Hidden

I find it hard some weeks to build it into my schedule, but as the distance increases, it is supposed to help build a stronger body for the longer distances. Plus, for someone like myself who wants to stick to running 3 days a week instead of increasing to 4 or 5 days a week, it is a way to change up the training. I enjoy variety so my crosstraining activities are quite varied, depending on my mood for the day.

in reply to SaskAlliecat

Yeah the scheduling thing is tricky, as real life gets in the way, I know that too well, and that’s why I haven’t jumped onto Abi’s plan just yet. But plenty of food for though. Thank you!

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