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Vitreomacular adhesion

NICE is beginning an appraisal of a new treatment for vitreomacular adhesion.

We’ve been asked for our views of the new treatment. In order to help us prepare our submission we would like to hear from patients who have experienced vitreomacular adhesion and/or macular hole.

Please contact Cathy Yelf on 01264 321976 or email

Thank you!

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is central serous detachment included in this?


Morning Tallyho,

Unfortunately central serious detachment is not included.

Many thanks



What is this new treatment? I've been diagnosed with a Macular Hole & surgery. Leaflet given explains how vitreous & scar tissue is taken from eye & replaced with a gas. Gas acts as a splint while the hole heals. Important to keep head bent for 10 - 15 says to keep gas to back of eye for healing process. Success rate is 90% & sight should return. My sight has deteriorated in less than 3 months giving me distorted central vision & wavy lines.


Hello Elisa,

This thread is a year old now and the drug 'Jetrea' has now been approved for use by NICE. Please see the following link for more up to date information;

Best wishes


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