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Is it worth removing the floaters in an MD affected eye

I am a 33 year old and I have dry MD in my right eye. In my left one I had wet MD and I had been treated with avastin and lucentis. With regards to my right eye which I only have peripheral vision, do you think that remving the floaters from it is worth the risk? Lately I the amount of floaters increased in both eyes and thickened as well.


Fabian Marston


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Hello Fabian

The removal of floaters is usually done by way of a surgical procedure known as a vitrectomy. This involves removing the vitreous gel from the eye and thus the floaters. The gel is replaced with a saline substitute. There then would follow a recovery period.

We understand that success rates are usually good, but with any surgical procedure there is always a risk.

Whether you will get a great improvement in vision, we cannot tell. Have you discussed this with your eye consultant? If so, has he/she recommended surgery? Each individual is different and we cannot comment as to whether you are suitable in view of your macular condition.

Sorry we cannot be more specific.



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