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Lots of eye floaters


Hi, this is my first post, I have to say that I'm a little concerned over these eye floaters, when I look at the blue sky, there's a lot of them, I still see a few when I'm look elsewhere, just not at night, I don't seem to have any trouble seeing (no blurry vision, no double vision, some eye strain, but nothing serious, no myopia.). My perhipherals are fine and nothing more, should my floaters still be a cause for concern???

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Hi, Wehraboo

The first thing I would like to say - if lots of floaters appear "suddenly" you should have them checked out. It could be an indication of detached retina, but by the same token, you would very likely experience visual disturbances, which you do not seem to have.

If the floaters have been there for a while and no other symptoms, then there is no cause for alarm. As we get older, the vitreous gel tends to clump together and cast shadows onto the retina, which we then see as spots, strings or cobwebs. Although they can be a nuisance, they are not harmful.

I have had lots of floaters all over my field of vision for the past 2 years, and they are in my "good" eye with dry AMD and cataract, while in my bad eye with wet AMD I see far fewer floaters.

It is always a good idea to see an optometrist at an optician if you have any concerns.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes


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I've had eye floaters for a while, I think it's either because I just noticed them or they're actually increasing. I want to get them checked but my parents think I'm worrying about nothing, I don't want a problem going overlooked. My eyes sort of hurt sometimes, I don't feel much visual reduction. But I am kind of worried and I really want to see a doctor for a diagnosis

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It is always best to have things checked out if you have concerns. The "sort of pain, you say, you sometimes feel in your eyes" may well be due to Dry Eye (not to be confused with dry AMD). If your eyes do not produce sufficient tears or when one or more of the 3 major constituents of tears are lacking the surface of your eye may become dry and sore even if your eyes may feel watery. You can get artificial tears for this condition.

All the best


Dear Wehraboo29,

I am copying a link to our information on floaters:


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Thank you for your replies, one thing I forgot to mention is that I have really bad sinuses, I hear sinuses can also have an impact on your eyes, I take sinus medication and it really helps, when i dont, my eyes hurt again and my vision decreases

Could my sinuses be behind it???

I'm 17 by the way

I think you need to speak to your gp or book an eye test at an optician. It's too easy to self diagnose any number of conditions. I understand your parents not wanting you to over obsess but you are clearly worried and need a more informed professional opinion than anyone here can give ( your full med history may be relevant ).

At 17 you are beginning to become your own person - is there a reason you haven't gone to your gp on your own?

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