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Best Information.

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I took out a subscription to the Macular Society after a 6 months free trial. I have been a member for over 3 years. You receive a magazines in large print and it’s the most comprehensive and informative magazine on AMD. Interesting personal stories, It keeps you informed of all the latest trials & results. Tips on how to cope. A must for anyone who have just been diagnosed with AMD and other eye diseases, you can also ring them for help with any concerns you may have. Also they have volunteers to chat to you if your not coping and just want a chat.

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Hi, does it cover macular oedema as well.

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Hi Koalajane, I have read articles about macular oedema in Rotherham magazine. The subscription for 12 months is £22. You do get a free period to try the MS. Also they have seminars that you can join and participate in on Zoom. There is one in Sept. I’m away from home at the moment, so Ican look to see if that includes your complaint when I get back on Monday. If you Google the MS there may be info on there. Failing that give them a ring.

Not Rotherham, predicted text on, it should read Macular.

Thank you

Did this many years ago & have never regretted the information & help. If not for being able to read everyones problems & realising I am not alone I would not have coped so well with AMD. Do not post often but it helps reading about other peoples ways to cope!

I couldn’t agree more. The best charity for Macular disease. I went to their ‘live’ annual conference in London pre pandemic and it was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the exhibition of vision aids but I also enjoy watching from home now. Also the monthly seminars. There are also local groups you can join.

Dear Whitegoose,

Thank you for your post.

We are currently offering 6 months free membership. You can join the Macular Society online or by calling us on 0300 3030 111.

The Macular Society Advice and Information Service is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111. Alternatively, you can contact us via:

Join us online on Saturday 10 September 2022 for our Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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