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Newly diagnosed with wet amd, what a shock!

I've recently been diagnoses with wet amd in my right (dominant) eye and I'm waiting for my first injection.

I have also been feeling dizzy, and slightly unwell. Is this normal?

I am also short sighted. I have dry amd in my good eye, but my glasses don't work as well as they did. This may affect my ability to drive. Do I just need new glasses or is this is part of the problem? I belong to a choir, and I can only get to rehearsals by driving. I would hate to give it up.

Luckily I can still read surprisingly well, which the eye clinic says is a good sign, and they are cautiously optimistic that I shall recover some of the sight in my right eye.

What is so frightening about this is it all happened so quickly - it's been only 3 weeks since I started feeling dizzy etc.

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Hi Sukie, just sending you a hug x It is a terrible shock but the inj are very good. The dizziness etc is probably because your brain is trying to decipher two very different inputs. Also the shock and worry can make you feel unwell.

They advised me not to change specs until injs done as its likely sight may improve so will need to change again. Only you know what you can afford and how much you feel you need to upgrade. I changed mine after a few months as my other eye was struggling and will probably have to change again as I've had good improvement.

You can get lots of support on here but also check out the Macular Society website. They are brilliant. A helpline, email, lots of info, buddies, etc.

Good luck with everything.x




Hi Sukie,

I am so sorry to learn about your wet AMD.

As 'Eyesright' says, you dizziness is probably as a result of the change in your sight and the shock and worry is making you feel unwell.

Don't consider changing any prescription spectacles until the eye hospital give you the all clear to do so. Your eyes will be in a state of flux at the moment with the wet AMD.

It is possible that you may have some of your vision restored when your injection treatment starts. Fingers crossed for you.

If you would like to have a chat with our helpline, please call us on 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

Best wishes


Macular Society

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thanks for the reassurance


The good news is they've caught it. This will help you to avoid loosing your sight. The injections don't hurt. I too was a little scared about having an injection but my opthamologist used a preliminary local anaesthetic and I only felt a bit of pressure, then I saw what looks a bit like vaseline (clear heavy liquid) going into my eye. My eye could scare small children for a couple of weeks as they always hit a vein and there is a bit of coagulated blood at the injection site but it goes away. The Lutien worked in one eye but not the other.

The very best of luck with it all.


Thanks for the reassurance. I have my first injection Saturday, and now have appointments for 2 more. I cant say I'm exactly looking forwards to it, but I shall be relieved!


Hi, hope it all went well. Just wanted to share that I too have wet md due to myopic cnv. I received three injections and my life has continued pretty much as normal... two years on and my vision is still stable so yes, it does/can work. Fingers crossed for you xxx


Thanks for your reply. It really cheered me up.

Today, my vision is not too good and I am worried about driving. But your rely gives me hope. I've heard that I should see some improvement in 7 days (6 now)


Hi Sukie, hope the inj went well x

I find my vision is a little blurry for a day or so after the inj, I think this is normal. It doesnt last so not to worry. By now I expect all ok ?

Hope it all works for you, best wishes x


I have now recovered from the injection, and feel physically great now. However I haven't noticed any improvement yet. I'm hoping that this is because its early days, and that I have caught it soon enough.

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I am so sorry to hear this. My friend had panic attacks soon after her AMD diagnosis. She's writing a journal that I think would be helpful to you. She's a psychologist and is using a therapy she's taught on her own life. She's honest and funny. We also have a Facebook group now where we can share experiences and information about the disease. It helps a lot to have the support of others going through similar experiences. You can find info about the Facebook group on the website.



Let me know if I can help in any way.


I have joined the group, and even posted to my own Facebook page.


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