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Had my first ever eye injection with Eylea, have a question

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I thought I was prepared for my first injections (both eyes). I seemed to be handling it ok until I felt something happening inside my eye. It was really difficult to cope with. Ive not noticed anyone else mentioning this, is it usual to experience this, it happened with both eyes.

Also seconds after the first injection I got a bad headache above the eye. It took medication and a few hours fir the headache to go. Is this something I should just be prepared for each time?

Thanks for any feedback.

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What did u feel happening in your eyes?

I’m nit sure what it was but it stopped when I saw the fluid bubbles. I assume it was the needle going into the eye. I wouldn’t call it pain but a really uncomfortable sensation.

I get this every time

I was hoping nit to hear that,but if that’s what happens I guess I have to learn to ignore it. :(

Right sorry

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Seamus1 in reply to BlurryArtist

I shouldn’t worry too much, as over the years I have found that, post procedure, the reaction varies from zero discomfort to analgesia required. Do tell the Doctor about any abnormal sensations. Good luck

Hi BlurryArtist. This can sometimes happen but not always, I think it was the needle you felt but a numbed feeling I expect. The injector does press the eyeball with a cotton bud in an attempt to hold the eyeball still whilst injecting and yes, the fluid is seen within a second or two later usually. Don't worry about the next one, it may not happen again. x

Thanks Springcross. I will go to the next treatment being aware it may happen and then, if It doesn’t, I’ll be delighted.


Hello, I’ve had 2 injections 4 weeks apart, 3rd was due yesterday but luckily I did not need it as no leakage was found and scans looked great, I am over the moon. In my (short) experience the sensations I felt were different both times (different injectors), the first time I really felt a pressure, didn’t realise (until just now when I read it) that it was the injector pressing on eyeball, I also felt I tiny tiny needle sensation but so fast no time to have any pain, I did get on off mild pain for a few days afterwards, I was very nervous though so I think managing how we feel really helps, second time I felt nothing not even the pressure, it was over before I knew and zero pain afterwards. Good luck and try (I know it’s easier saying ….) to relax. 🙏

Thanks Chaz2010 congratulations on not needing more injections. It does seem that sensations can be quite variable. At least it wasn’t what I would call pain, so I should be grateful for that.

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Atlas1522 in reply to Chaz2010

Hi Chaz, Where are you writing from, my scans haven’t shown any bleed for about a year but still getting injections every three months I’ve been told this is protocol in the US because they haven’t studied shots at longer intervals

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Chaz2010 in reply to Atlas1522

Hello! I am in London UK (Moorfields Hospital). They told me that if there is no active leakage there is no need for injection as they won’t do anything. My vision is still slightly distorted (one eye only) so I asked to have more injection to try sort that out and that’s when they explained that all the injections do is stop an active leakage.

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Atlas1522 in reply to Chaz2010

It’s funny how treatment varies between different countries I guess you have to do what your comfortable with. Good luck

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Chaz2010 in reply to Atlas1522

True. I forgot to say my case is Myopic CNV and not age related macular degeneration, may be why only 1 injection did the trick (hope it does not get bad again!)... Good luck.

I NEVER have pain, but I do experience a temporary blindness that lasts about 10 minutes…….it always goes away, but at first that side effect was very frightening! In addition, I usually have redness at the injection site. My dr. injects low in the eyeball, so it isn’t too noticeable.

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tallyho in reply to Joankelley

Is the blindness actually blurriness? Just wondering.

Oh dear, I wasn’t aware temporarily blindness could occur. Now that I know I shouldn’t panic if it happens. My vision was incredibly blurry but not blind.

I,ve had no trouble at all with injection in left eye for five years other than an occasional headache.

You make my heart sing, I’m going to be like you!

I have been having injections in both eyes for a few years now ,I think you may be feeling pressure in your eye ,I always feel it and it can be quite uncomfortable, I have learned to take a deep breath just as needle goes in ,hold it for a second then breath out slowly.It really helps stop the discomfort and I no longer dread each injection,hope this helps.

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BlurryArtist in reply to Lizjim

Thank you, I’ll try this

I've had 3 injections in each eye. Right eye I just get a feeling of pressure. Left eye it feels uncomfortable / hurts in spite of anaesthetic drops. Right eye heals up quickly but left eye is always bloodshot for a few days afterwards and takes longer to heal. Like Lizjim, I have learnt to expect it and just try to stay still whilst they do the injection. I do warn the nurse doing the injection as it can be difficult not to twitch when it hurts.

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BlurryArtist in reply to SueMulk

Aww how unusual for one eye to hurt and the other not but it’s good advice to let the injector know ahead of time. My next treatment is on Monday and I will be taking all of the advice I’ve been provided, thank you so much for your feedback and I’ll take your guidance.

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