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Having had cataracts removed from both eyes six years ago followed by a tear in the retina being repaired. I now have macular degeneration in both eyes which requred an injection in each eye over a month ago. The doctor told me then that I would need another injection in each eye at the end of 4 to 6 weeks. The hospital now tells me that there is nothing on the computer to suggest another injection is to be done so I should return to my local GP and start the process again. Is it normal to have more than one injection? My sight in one eye has definitely improved since the first injection but not sure now whether to follow up as advised or leave things as they are.

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  • Dear Ruthinspain,

    You must not return to the GP. Please ring us for further discussion.

    The function of injections is to suppress the abnormal blood vessels, stabilise the eye, maintain vision and prevent further damage. Usually, an initial loading dose of 3 injections is given, once a month for 3 months, then the eye is reviewed. If further injections are then required, then how far apart these are administered is then determined by which type of injection is being administered.

    The Macular Society helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi ruthinspain, please take the mac soc advice - dont delay. Injections are given for wetmd (and other conditions) which can progress quickly if left untreated so you dont want to be taking any chances esp as you are having both eyes treated.

    You dont say which inj you had but if you check its own website it will say about the "loading dose" of 3 spaced a month apart. I would ask to speak with an eye consultant at the hospital asap and ask them why this protocol is not being followed. It sounds like a bit of a mix up but you should not suffer because of it.

    Best wishes to you going forward, the inj work for most people x

  • Hi there do you know the consultants name you are under? I f so I would call their secretary ( usually if you ask the hospital switchboard they can put you through) they can get your notes to be checked by the consultant to make sure that you have a management plan in place. It is unusual to just have one injection and not the usual 3.

  • yes. after a year and a half of injections every 4to6 weeks i now get them every 9 weeks...for life

  • That's interesting hollyg, at one review I was told "after 3 years we give up". Maybe it depends what condition one has?

  • I have been getting injections over the last 6 years - at the moment every 5 weeks. He hasn't specifically stated for life, but that's the impression I get (or unless one went blind or something and there was no point).

  • mebbe...the injections returned me to driving and a part time job..i maybe the exception I tend to respond well to medical challenges

  • Many thanks for all your posts. As I am in Spain and not fluent in Spanish I will be going to the hospital tomorrow to see if anyone there can sort out what is happening. Unfortunately they seem to be forgetting to put a large number of expat appointments in the system at the moment - but, now that I know what I should be having - I will endeavour to get an answerand my next injections.

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