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Does anyone know what's going on with my eye?

I have wet macular degeneration in both eyes since i was 25. So far, i've had a few bleeds so i recognise them and know when i'm having one. But since 2 days ago, i can see a dark-ish spot just to one side of my central vision of my left eye everytime my eye is half-closed as well as closed. The spot follows as i look to left or right, up or down. The only similar experiences i had to this were when i've had a recent bleed or had an injection in the eye. But my recent bleed was in the right side, not the left side. Does anyone recognise this symptom? Please help!

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Hi sywcindy, I have wet in both eyes and many injection. I have had this blob before which follows your eye movement. When I have spoken to doctors I was told it it a tiny bit of blood like a clot and they assured me it will disappear over time which it has done on more than one occasion. The last one I had took over three months to disappear but they do dissolve eventually. Hope I've helped but to put your mind at rest you could always ring the eye department at the hospital. I find them very helpful


Dear Cindy We would agree with previous reply from Kimkar and advise that you speak to your consultant or ophthalmology department where you are being treated. Should you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact the helpline on 0300 3030 111

Thank you Jane McFarlane Helpline Macular Society


Hi dont know if this is the same thing but may help.

Have had a few injections for wetamd & have had 'blobs' several times.

The last one still occasionally crops up just at the top of my vision. I was told this was a floater caused by the meds & would gradually disappear which is seems to be doing.

Do speak to the team treating you though as they are the ones to really help you.

Good luck.


Hello. I am only very recently diagnosed and very scared.I am 39.

Can I ask you, how old are you now? And has the treatment kept things stable for the entire time since diagnosis?

How does it feel when you have one of the bleeds ,so you know when you are actually having one?



Hello DESP, i'm sorry for your diagnosis. I can definitely relate to how you must be feeling right now. I'm 28. The prognosis depends on your diagnosis. What have you been told exactly about the cause of your macular degeneration? I have myopic macular degeneration, which is not common in this country. There isn't a lot of research out there on this specific type of macular degeneration but all we know is that the prognosis for this is relatively good. When you have a macular bleed, you know it because your central vision will be distorted. If you use Amsler grid, instead of straight lines, you see wavy lines. You can find Amsler grid online if you haven't been given one by your eye specialist.


Thank you everyone for your help! You're right Kimkar001, it's been confirmed when i went for a check on Monday.


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