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Add Topics to your post!


Hi Everyone!

You may have noticed already, but you can now add topics to the posts you write. This means if you want to look at different threads about different tips and tricks, they are all in one place!!

If you would like to add a topic to your post its' simple, when writing a post you will see an "add topic" button, simply click on this and select the most relevant topic to place your post under. Your post will still appear in the main newsfeed, but will also appear under that topic.

If you feel a new topic should be added, comment here or message one of the administrators and if we feel it is worth adding, we will create it.

You can edit your old posts to add to a topic, simply go to your post and select "more" then "edit" and follow the steps above.

To view topics:

1. Make Sure you're in our community! Select the button with the 9 dots (My Hub) and click on Macular Society

2. Click "posts" along the top

3. Scroll down to view Topics, click on the one you want to view and it will show you all the threads in that topic!

The more people who add topics to their posts, the better, so feel free to do so!

All the Best

Becky :)

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