Such lovely replies to my post ❤️

Thank you so much for all your lovely kind replies this morning ..... bawled my eyes out when reading them (cos I'm feeling rather sorry for myself) taken all your advice on board and will reply to you all. Couple of things I love my kindle paper light they are great for reading as they have a backlight and you can adjust print size... check it out at John Lewis first. Im only 68 so still have a few years to prolong my eyesight but made an appointment to see the consultant privately want to find out the long term prog! Anyone live in London? I will try and move on but recovering from a severe chest infection .... before this year have sailed through life with absolutely no illness. Anyway love to all my lovely fellow sufferers ❤️💕

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  • So kind of you sweet heart

  • ...but Squinty, you are always one of the first to jump in and support others and I am glad that you feel supported too! I missed your earlier post, as I am visiting my family in Texas and not online much - hope you are feeling more optimistic and much better now x

  • Aaah thanks ... going through a bad patch just been recalled after a ct scan with abnormalities.... wots going on .... gotta have urgent tests on Monday for lungs hope it's not cancer🙁 Have a great holiday will keep u posted xxxxx

  • wishing you all the luck for Mon ((("))) xxxxxx

  • Oh squinty, you're not alone out there, I'll bet we've all had a good cry about it at times. I'm going to have my second Eylea injection but am now worried about all the side effects I am reading about -- I have cracked my rib so am swollen but it seems to be going on forever, so I hope the swelling isn't anything to do with the injection! Lots of love to you for Christmas and let us all try to enjoy it ⛄️🎉🍾❄️🎅💕 Hugs xxxxx

  • Omg to that's terrible ! It's almost confirmed i have lung cancer but don't know what stage. Had pet scan and EBUS test results next wed. Good luck darling with cracked ribs they are awful

    hugs from squintyxxxx

  • Squinty, I'm in shock about your lung cancer! How are you doing?

  • So am I it came out of blue with chest infection they done all tests pet scan and EBUS test waiting for final results next wed but way they talking feel it's advanced ! I'll know by wed like a death sentence hanging over me xxx

  • Good luck to you too and I hope you can make this a merry Christmas for you and your family! I am cat sitting for my friend so I'm not seeing my family - I'm missing them on Christmas Day but I'm going out to a restaurant overlooking the sea as the weather in Portugal is beautiful, just cold in the evenings. Good luck with everything and please keep in touch. Lots of love to you - Jan xxxxxxxxxx

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