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Hi Everyone,

I hope you and your families had a good Christmas and will have a good New Year.

I have a question/post. The other day l started using Supanova software on my PC, l already use this at work. At work the background colours are black on white with a grey border, so l decided to try something different at home.

One of the colours had a green base to it, so l thought l'd use that one for the time being. After an hour l had finished what l was doing and went downstairs, when l went into the kitchen, that was when l saw everything was green - no l didn't have an attack of jealously or anything like that - just that everything l looked at had a green tinge to it; l may add that this lasted for 3 hours. Everything was fine in the morning.

Now has anyone ever experienced anything like this before and if so what did they do? I didn't know whether to contact 111 and see if they might bed able to help or to ontact my Consultant! And as all is o.k. now should l be concerned!

Looking forward to any answers/suggestions you may have; by the way l have Ischemic Optic Neuropathy.

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  • Hi Sima1952 I have Dry AMD and currently have no vision loss. I don't know much about optic neuropathy but I think when you have been staring at a screen for a while the illusion of green stays in your brain. Eyes are very complex, you say it was fine in the morning so I would not worry too much. The Macular Society will be able to help you. Good luck and keep well,

  • I get this but its not color just darkened sight. recently I began using the Adlens Interface adjustable glasses ($49.00) which are colored to reduce blue light from my computer helps a lot

  • Thank you prometheusa3b and hollyg, it was really strange but your comments have helped.

  • Glad it did. Here's a bit of synchronicity; I had listed my beloved car for a free give away to a group of enthusiasts I interact with online-stating I was losing my sight and wanted another collector to take care of 'her' for me after I stop driving.

    A WEEK LATER my eye sight made a major comeback(?)! I am going for a drive in it this week, I KNOW this isn't usual..and I don't mean to overly encourage anyone..even me--I am not convinced the fix will last--but for the next week I am going to enjoy a short road trip to take some pictures!

    For Now I accept this miracle!

  • Best of luck and enjoy your drive.

  • Best of luck and enjoy your drive.

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