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Dry Myopic macular no distroted vision

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I've been think about it and I don t think I had satisfactory answer in regards to my distorted vision ...I 've dry myopic macular...when I was first diagnosed with the condition my vision (6 years ago)was very distorted ...would like ask if any of you have/had similar experience and what happened ...the distorted vision o was hit after few months had gone ...the symptoms of the condition aren t there on my every day life ...am wondering as didn t have any treatment by the specialist so why the symptoms aren t there?what is yr story is anyone here that gone through something similar and what happened to you ?Thank you

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I have been told by our "Eye clinic Professor" that there is no treatment for dry macular. I have also been told that dry macular often becomes wet for which there is treatment so you should regularly have your eye checked at an eye clinic. A retinal photograph will not suffice as it only shows a retinal surface indication.

I don't know what happens to the sight with dry macular.

Why not ask the society?

Hope this helps!


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kyrp in reply to eesnapal

Thank you Steven ...yes I do have scans every 6 weeks now they keep an eye on me .. i used to meet with the macular consultant every 6 months ..am also aware that there is a chance 5%-10% to turn wet and it might not at all ...did get in touch with the macular society too and asked them what people report to them about the condition ...my question is as I have the condition why I don t have the severe distorted vision ...of course am very happy that I don t have the severe distorted vision any more but when i asked professional they said it can happen the symptoms to ...I would like to know if there is any link to what I did like alternative medicine,supplements ,nutrition lifestyle helped or not and what is others people's experience ...Thank you

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Boots sell a product called Opto Health. I was advised by a Boots optician to take it. I have no idea if it works except my "dry eye" has retained its performance.

I couldn't do a blind trial so to speak

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Dry AMD can, though may not at all or only very gradually, have the same end result without turning wet - distortion and eventual loss of central vision. Sad because nothing can be done. However, the stem cell researchers promise a cure for both wet and dry. Lets hope so!


I have dry AMD and quite bad distortion, especially in my left eye, which used to be my better eye. I saw a scan and this was due to piece of drusen close to the centre on the fovea. Fortunately with both eyes and can still see quite well. I would be very relieved that distortion can improve - I do not know if drusen can move or reduce in size.


Saw this video on Mercola.com, very interesting info for anybody with macula issues.


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Thanks for the video. I thinkthe information is highly credible. I ate a very healthy vegetarian diet until 10 years ago hen I developed an appetite for junk food. Since when I developed high blood pressure ad wet amd. I am going to try to return to my old ways. Incidentally I don't believe genetics play much of a part atall as no one in my family even wears glasses let alone having amd.

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Your welcome Patjo, I also love my chips and cheesies but know they are not the best food choice. I take many supplements and try to eat my fruits and veggies to make up for it. Dr, Mercola recommends taking astaxanthin, an antioxidant to help with many eye issues. I take approx. 8 mg/day, his recommendation is 2-4 mg./day to start.

I am a type 2 diabetic with wet AMD for close to four years now with monthly eylea injections. Vision is still good 20/25 in both eyes but now they tell me I have a cataract starting to develop in my right eye.

Take Care

If AMD always starts with being dry, I was completely unaware of having it and certainly I thought my sight was pretty good. Out of the blue, I was referred to the hospital with suspected wet AMD. I knew nothing about AMD , wet or dry, and had no distortion in my sight. My vision only became distorted when I had a massive bleed in both eyes about 20 months after the start of injection treatment. I don't know if some with dry AMD have distortion but I definitely didn't.

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Dear kyrp,

You are welcome to contact us at the Macular Society Advice and Information Service and discuss this further.

We are open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

Alternately, you can contact us via:


Kind regards,

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