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Lucentis injection but no bleed?


Hello! I received a Lucentis injection in August, but have held off on any additional injections because I was no longer bleeding and I am breastfeeding. I am in the process of weaning now, and my retina specialist has discussed getting another injection just for additional protection.

Has anyone else gotten an anti-VEGF shot with no bleed? Any pros or cons that your doctor discussed?

Thank you!

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The short answer is it is perfectly usual to have injections when there is no bleed. If there is a high risk of recurrence then they can be given prophylactically to prevent a new bleed

Obviously you need to discuss with your specialist what is best for you, and if they suggest it then it is likely to be a good idea, It sounds as if you are probably younger than most of us if you are still breastfeeding so what works for us oldies may not be the same for you

However, we discussed repeat injections when there is no active bleed recently on this thread, some of which may be of interest

ood luck any way

Here's the thread

Thanks. When I last spoke to my specialist, he seemed unwilling to state whether or not I am at high risk for recurrence, but it is worth asking again. Thanks for the additional factor to consider.

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