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I am going away

As I am going abroad for six weeks and I have my eye injections every month does anyone know if it matters if I miss one or will I have to travel home?

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You do not indicate what type of injection you are getting (product) & what eye problem is being treated. However, if your retina specialist wants the injection every 4 weeks & has said nothing about extending the time between injections, then waiting 6 weeks may cause any recovery you have experienced to deteriorate. I suggest you ask your doctor for his opinion about stretching the injection(s) to 6 weeks.

For example, here's what happened to me. After 5 injections of Avastin in my right eye for WMD; one shot every 4 weeks, my retina specialist decided to try a 5 week interval. After 5 weeks there was no deterioration, but also no improvement, so everything remained stable. So my doctor the said that he would like to try a 6 week interval. After 6 weeks, my WMD & vision had deteriorated back to as bad as it was before getting my 1st injection. So, the doctor said that the experiment failed & I went back to an Avastin injection every 4 weeks. Took 3 injections, each 4 weeks apart to get my WMD & eyesight back to where it was after the first 5 injections before trying to extend the time interval.

Therefore, please call your doctor for his/her opinion on having no injection(s) for 6 weeks.


I absolutely am going to be advised by him but I was just wondering in advance what other people had experienced.

Many thanks for your kind reply

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Hello Chickiepoos!, I go regularly to Australia . My consultant always gives me an injection immediately before I go. I stay 6 to 8 weeks at a time with no side issues. I have eyelea injections and have had roughly 30 injections . Time varies between each one . This year I went from January to July without one and then had 2 close together . Then a big space again . I also think you can go longer between injections with eyelea. Not sure who told me that . Hope that helps...but remember everyone is different.


Dear Lizie,

Many thanks for your reply I will of course go by my doctor


Yes I went to Canada for 6 weeks I was assured there would be no problem.

I had my injection three days prior to departure and on my return I had

the injection 4 days later. I had a preview after a week the result was

I had a further leak. and was put on every 28 days injection.

I was informed that nothing drastic. and I must say my vision is back to where

it was and the leak has subsided.

I am sorry if I alarmed you I should book an appointment for when you retrun

so that there is no further delay for your treatment. I hope this helps you.

Best of luck and enjoy hour trip!!!


Thank you so much for your reply

I obviously will be advised by my doctor but I wondered what other people thought and it looks like I will have to come home for the injection


I'm surprised you've asked an amateur forum - presumably you did inform your clinic, or is thid just an off the cuff post for fun~?


Of course I Will be advised from my doctor i just wanted to know other peoples experiences thank you for your reply

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As far as one is aware the only restriction is that there must be 28 days between jabs. You should really ask your eye clinic though.


What did your retinologist say?


Of course I will be advised by my specialist

I just wondered what other patients thought

Thanks for your reply


Hello, Chickiepoos81,

I had a trip planned last July that would conflict with my 4 week review, scan & injection schedule. I would have had to schedule at 3 weeks or 6 weeks. I was too far away to come back at 4 weeks. Had I been remaining in the USA - the eye clinic offered to schedule with someone near my destination. But I was going overseas. Although some treatment protocols for special cases permit injections at intervals less than 4 weeks apart, the USA Medicare and other insurances will not pay for them closer than every 4 weeks. My retina specialist approved of the 6 week interval. When I returned, my eye was still OK at 6 weeks, I did not require an injection. But 4 weeks later, fluid was back and I got another.

Discuss with your eye doctor - I am interested to see what he tells you. I believe everyone is an individual case, and he will advise you on what he sees as best for you.

Enjoy your trip! I did mine!



Thank you Linda for your reply I will of course be advised by my specialist I just wondered what other people had to say. I live in the UK and travelling to Mexico and its a long way with no direct flights but I think I will have to come home in the middle


someone did this earlier in the year and regretted it when she returned as things had worsened. Take advice but put your eyes first


Thank you for your reply and of course I will do what I am told!


Interested in one more comment?

I go to France every summer for at least a month and suggested to my Dr that I get an injection there. His concern was my getting an infection. I have experienced less than sterile situations in hospitals in France and so had to agree of the risks.

I literally get a shot the day before leaving and the day after my return just to stay as close to that four week schedule.

Don’t consider going longer even if your Dr suggests it, he/she is experimenting with your eyesight.

PS, I love Mexico too. Where will you be going?


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