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Eye infections

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I am new to this sight. I had an appointment for eyelea injection this week .was told I could not have it as I had an eye infection ! Really worried as I had no idea I had an infection . No symptoms of having one . No sticky eyes and no pain . Swabs were taken and sent away. I wS given antibiotic drops which i must use for 7 days ,in both eyes,4 tines a day . Would have been very serious if infection had not been spotted. Has anyone else had this experience?

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No, never had this but i hope yours clears up soon and you get your eylea as soon as possible afterwards. Good luck

Hi Liz

That is indeed worrying that one could have an eye infection without being aware of it. I did not think that was possible. Very lucky for you they found it before injecting you. I take it that it was not to be your first eylea injection? Quite often I have no eye exam and no test immediately before my injections when I just have the prep eye drops and then straight into the sterile room. So, in theory, I could have an infection and still get injected. Scary! Luckily this has never happened to me.

I hope your infection clears up soon and all goes well for you.

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What I can’t understand is there were 3 nurses in the room . One put anesetic drops in and another washed round eye . Dr. Then came to do the clamp and it was at this stage he said I had an infection . Well spotted I would say . He immediately swabbed my eye . Very worried incase this happens again as I had no symptoms what so ever of infection !

Did they tell you what it is?

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No .I have to wait for 5 days to get result . I think I have had about 30 injections ! Still can’t understand why I had no symptoms of an infection .

The infection I have was the result of an injection, either because of the actual AMD injection or lack of sufficient rinsing. My infection was so utterly painful, I was thinking it'd be better to die. Fortunately, that pain was gone after three days of suffering, but I still have no sight in that eye. Everything is blurry (am told THAT's the effect of the cataract,) but also, I have slow-moving floaters as if in a gel. Can see light and fuzzy movement but nothing clear enough to identify. HOPING the yet-to-be-scheduled cataract surgery and a second eye surgery to remove all that debris WILL restore my sight, but no one has been able to confirm that. Wish I knew of someone else who has gone through this. Am really surprised you had an infection with NO symptoms! Wishing you the best.

Same has happened to me today. I do get blepharitis and about a month ago I had a flare up resulting in a cyst on my eyelid. Although not gone completely it is much better but doctor said it was too risky to inject and If I got it more infected I would lose the sight in my eye. Problem is I am already Seven weeks overdue for eyelea injection and told that I still have fluid behind the eye and should have these injections every four weeks. By the time I finish the eye drops and antibiotics(which incidentally didn't work a month ago) I will be 10 weeks late!! I am so worried the AMD will get worse. Can anyone tell me how serious waiting weeks for injections is please? My stress levels are high! Also I am sure previous injections have been given when I had blepharitis.

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So sorry you are experiencing this anxiety. We think the injections are traumatic enough but worse to not be able to have them. I can only imagine how you are feeling. Ring the macular society for some advice. You need to speak to someone.

My best wishes to You. 2468G

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I did email the Macular society but they said they are not medically trained and said I should talk to my ophthalmologist. I don't have one and as someone else commented I go to the clinic and very rarely see the same person twice, so not sure who to turn too. I am surprised that the Mac Society won 't commit as I cannot believe I am the only person to query how serious is it to have to wait much longer than 4 weeks. Anyway I do have an appointment for 1st November so just have to pray infection will be clear and it goes ahead. It will be 11 weeks by then but I will just have to put up with it. Thanks for your reply at least I know so.done knows how I feel.

Helo it is me again! 😀Have just heard that the swab test for my eye infection is clear ! So happy! I have made an appointment to have injection done in 10 days time. The space between last injection will be 12 weeks. So I shall have an injection in 10 days time and then another one in 4/6 weeks (2 close together) .eyesight very good at the moment but as you know can change quickly . Hope this helps anyone who has had an infection and the worry that that causes.

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Helo me again . Well I did get my injection on the 22 nd Oct. .All went well until 2 hours later ! I have never suffered pain like it . Had to get someone to take me to accident and emergency . Was given cocodamol and 1 ibruphen tablet and let me wait for 1 hour . I was still ‘climbing the walls ‘ . Second Dr came in and told me if my cornea has been clipped , it is an unbearable pain . I told him just to give me an anaesthetic drop and would you believe he did just that . The relief was instant ! Managed to get 4 hours sleep after that .

When I got up my body felt traumatised never mind my eye ! I really am not sure exactly how many injections I have had ,maybe 20 . And I always have pain once anaesetic wears off but never anything like the last one . Terrible experience. Has anyone else suffered like this?

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Hi again

Yes I agree you can't be the first person to query injection delays with macular society. I know I have discussed delays on this site before.

Wish you the best of luck for the 1st November.

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Thanks so much feeling a bit calmer about situation. Just got to hope for the best I suppose.

Hi pinkperfection, everyone is different I know but I've had gaps where my oedema had returned back to its worst levels and the next inj managed to clear it. I'm now on steroid implants ( got brvo not md) and the gap between the last two was 23 weeks with oedema returned sometime between week 5-18. it was clear again a week after the new implant.

I guess I'm trying to say don't panic x

Having said that, once you know your infection is clear make sure they know you have been waiting for your inj! Office mistakes do happen, especially if the usual schedule has been disrupted my inj got missed once until I rang asking when my appt would be and pointed out it was in my notes.

Best wishes going forward x

Thanks Eyesright I do feel better knowing that yourself and others have experienced gaps in treatment. I feel infection has improved but not totally clear just hoping for the best next appointment. Do hope all goes well for you too.

I got a call from the hospital to say that I did have an infection . Going for another swab test tomorrow Tuesday . It will take 5 days for results . Staff nurse told me she often deals with patients who do have infections but no symptoms . 7 days of antibiotics ,5 times a day is time consuming and constant . Today has been the 7 th day . I must say my eyes feel very comfortable . Will keep my fingers crossed .

Last year I went from January to July between injections ! I then had 2 close together . My eyesight is excellent . Like you I am also anxious the infection might not have cleared, but I must keep positive. Keep me posted how you get on and I will do the same .

Thanks Lizleiper your reply has made me feel more hopeful. I will let you know how I get on. Hopefully next appointment is 1st November so hoping it goes ahead.

Hope everything goes well in 1st of November. Keep me posted.

Thanks will do.

Thank goodness they found out before inj.....clinic I attend injected in my infected eye!!....I had a sore eye and asked them if they thought it was infection ..I was told to go to GP!!!....long story x

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