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White spot in sight after Lucentis injection


Hello everyone. Asking a question for my partner who has had 10 injections of Lucentus for wet MD in his right eye. After the last one,2 weeks ago, he experienced a white round spot close to dead centre of his vision, that does not move or float. Also black specks around it that also don't float. He's been back to the clinic and told it's nothing to worry about. He is quite concerned though as no one seems to know what it is. Would welcome any advice.

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PollyChan. I have had 10 injections so far and never saw a white spot or black dots that don't move or float. I would tell your partner to get a second opinion and have the doc

explain why that happened. It sounds very unusual to me.

PollyChan in reply to RandyM

Thanks Randy. He has been back and after scan etc told it is nothing to worry about, but the doctor admitted it was unusual . Also worrying because it doesn't move. We thought air bubbles etc act like floaters and move about. Have you come across debris that doesn't move?

RandyM in reply to PollyChan

Hi PollyChan. No I have never had a floater or spots that didn't move. It might be more of "blank" area of his eye that is from macular damage instead of a white spot. Have him look at the Amsler Grid while covering one eye at a time and see if there are any "missing" lines or blank areas. If so, tell the retinal doctor ASAP.

I had an area of central vision that made items disappear when I viewed it with one eye. That was caused from advanced wet macular degeneration. The injections helped. Hope the situation improves and cause is found.

You say the tell you it's nothing to worry about but have they told him what it is?

Knowing helps stop us worrying and also we can read up on it and inform ourselves so we can monitor safely and have meaningful conversation with Dr.

I would say " tell me what it's called". If they can't get a second opinion asap.

Good luck.

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