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Not Sure What To Do


Type 1 diabetic. Traveling in an rv, trying to see the states. I had 3 Eyelea Injections which bought my eyesite back to normal. Of course the day before we leave for our adventure my Eyelea Injection evidently wore out? I tried to ignore it, and not panic so as to not ruin our plans. I only have one good eye and unfortunately thats the one thats affecxted. I have contacted my Dr. at Kellogg Eye Center and made an appt for late June, which he sesemed happy with. He said if it gets any worse to let him know. Well I don't know about you but I find these blind spots hard to figure out, if their actually getting worse or not. I just need to know if I'm causing further damage to the eye by not getting another injection.

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Hi Midance

Hi, use the amsler grid and mark it in pencil so you can see any changes.

I have recovered from a long gap between inj without permanent damage so that's probably why your Dr is ok about it. ( I do have some but it was done long ago). Difficult to be certain though so I understand your worry esp as good eye.

What gap will end of June be? I have a vague memory that after the loading dose eyelea inj have a longer gap between than Lucentis anyway . I'll check my posts and let you know. *looks like I had inj 4 at 9 weeks after 3 rd one but my eye was visibly worsening at the time. Sorry you may have to Google the eyelea site for recommended gap info.

midancer in reply to eyesright

Thank you you have helped me greatly...we will continue on. My last injection was Match 26th.

eyesright in reply to midancer

Definitely check with the amsler and call your doc if things worsen. Best of luck.

Could your retina specialist get you an appointment with a specialist near where you are traveling? I would not wait if my vision had worsened. You could get scarring from the continuedbbleeds.

tricky question- if it were me I would try to get an injection near where you are now- or at least be seen by opthamologist nearby. You would need to have access to hospital on your travels after the injection in case of problems arising from injection. Good luck and hope all goes well. ( I am having injections of eyelea for branch vein retinal occlusion. When I was moved to 8 week gap, it was Ok the first time but after second 8 week gap I had some oedema - but not in central area.I have had about 13 injections in total


Dear midancer,

On what basis did you not have another injection after the initial loading dose of 3 Eylea injections? Was this because the ophthalmologist stated that the loading dose had successfully stabilised your eyes for a period or did you miss out on subsequent injections due to your trip?

If it was a case of subsequent injections were required but missed as the wet AMD is still active and that this is still the case, then it is important to secure another injection as rapidly as possible.

The function of the injections for wet AMD is to suppress the abnormal blood vessels, stabilise the eye, maintain vision and prevent further damage. Therefore, if the eye becomes stable for a period of time, due to the abnormal blood vessels being successfully suppressed, then there will be no function for the injections. However, it is possible that the wet AMD may become active again, in which case further injections would be needed. It is important to check an Amsler grid weekly during stable periods, so that if there are any sudden changes, then an individual can contact the eye clinic again as rapidly as possible to be seen with a view to obtaining another injection if needed.

There is an Amsler grid in our Guide to AMD, link copied below:

In addition, I am copying a link to our booklet on Treatments:

plus our book on Diabetic Macular Oedema:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further help. The Macular Society helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

Alternately, you can contact us via:

Kind regards,

When I told my eye doctor that I would be traveling in July, his technician told me injections could be arranged in my area of travel. Check with your doctor if this is possible. Good luck!

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