Problems in right eye

Hello,i am a 17 year old boy.About 2 months ago the vision in my right eye changed.Its now kind of blurry.Its not that bad but when i compare it to my other eye its very different.This eye(the right one) also feels very watery during the day and on some days the vision gets better ,on some days it gets worse.Does anyone have clue what this might be?

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  • Hi Lorenc25, I personaĺly think that you should go to your optician first. If you tell them about your concerns they will check EVERYTHING and refer you to a specialist if necessary. Otherwise, they will put your mind at rest. Please let us know how you get on. Good luck x

  • Hi Lorenc25,

    So sorry to learn about your visual problems.

    new2AMD14915 is right in that you must first go to an optometrist at a good opticians for some investigations. If appropriate, the optometrist will refer you to a hospital ophthalmologist if he/she thinks that more investigations aand/or treatment is required.

    Best wishes

    Macular Society

  • Definitely go to an optician or your gp. There are many eye conditions and you need an expert to diagnose you. Don't over worry but also don't leave it any longer. Sight is too precious and you don't want to risk yours developing a problem especially so young. Best wishes x

  • Hi Lencc25

    I am thinking on the same lines as BasiRose. The fact that your vision is clearer on some days than on others seems to point to dry eye. Amongst other eye problems I have dry eye. Although my eyes never stream, except on one occasion, I always find that fluid (tears) stands in both corners of both eyes and when I wipe them away my vision becomes a little clearer again until the fluid builds up again. With dry eye the surface of the eye/s becomes dry and fails to lubricate the eye ball properly. The body then produces more tears to correct this, so you are looking through a film of water. It is possible that your tears are missing the imprtant lubricating properties. I agree with every one else to have you eyes checked out by an optometrist or ophalmologist.

    All the best.

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