I had uveitis I had it all tht floaters fluid back of the eye, red sore and painful,and poor vision.I had 4 different eye drops to put in including steroids Treament lasted 3 years in which time I developed cateracts in both eyes.In 2016 I had first operation on my right eye this took an hour,nothing was said to me about it, and I did wonder why I couldnt see out of my eye until a week later when I went back,all he did was look at photos of my eye and sucked in hes breath saying there was bad scaring on the retina. It will never get better so I am left with an eye that looks different to my left like the lid will not open as wide as the other and I cant see out of it ..Following year a different surgeon operated on my left eye which is fine.I am debating if the first surgeon made a blunder and if i should claim Wonder what others would do

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  • Dear mumsabout,

    I am sorry to read about your experiences.

    Have you had any contact with Olivia's Vision?:


    They may well be a useful source of information and support.

    Kind regards.

    Macular Society Helpline

    0300 3030 111

  • I think you need to discuss this with the hospital authorities . You can ask PALs to help you (they represent patients) and look at the records of your operation.

  • It certainly seems that something went wrong with your first operation. rosyG is right, you need someone experienced to look into it for you and represent you should it turn out to have been a botched job. All the best.

  • Thank you,as I have always felt perhapes it shouldnt be like this and was hoping maybe it would improve,but no.I decided a moment ago to contact a solicitor just to see , only because after looking i cannot find anyone this has happened to .

  • Hi Mumsabout, i would certainly get expert advice, dont get fobbed off, you need answers ..good luck xx

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