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Carry on injections

Hi all I'm having my 9th lucentis injection in my left eye in April and scan and my 5th injections in my right eye about same time give or take a few days the distance between injections has now gone from 4weeks to eight weeks will I be o.k. to go to my local optician to see about some mew glasses the ones I have are now about 10months old the distance pair are blurry and my reading glasses are almost useless have to use magnifying glass and strong light to read reasonably well , no probs with iPad as can make it larger the doctors at watford general hospital eye clinic tell me it's gradually going back to dry but my right eye has scarring and nothing can be done for that,I'm getting very frustrated because of my glasses and my driving licence is due for renewal on 13th May can't read a number plate more than about 5/6feet away any views on what I have said

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Dear Algee,

It is important that you check with your eye clinic whether your eyes are currently stable enough to make it worth while changing your spectacles.

In terms of magnifiers, have you been referred to a low vision clinic for them? If not, it would be worth asking your ophthalmologist if they can refer you to one. They prescribe magnifiers for long term loan on the NHS. It is the best first port of call for magnifiers as getting magnifiers is very much like getting spectacles prescribed, in the sense that it is important to get the correct magnification in relation to the eye condition.

In terms of driving, it is essential that you check with your eye clinic or optometrist if you are now outside of the guidelines for driving. I am attaching the link to our driving booklet:

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Kind regards,


Hello algee

It looks as if you are slowly getting there. I am so pleased for you. Of course, the scarred eye is not likely to improve, but the other eye will hopefully compensate in time. It is always a problem between injections when you are desperately in need of new glasses and are told to wait. Are you driving at the moment - with blurry glasses? Not a good idea. I do hope you are safe. Have you tried to buy non-prespription glasses over the counter? They may help to tide you over until you can go to an optician. Even if they are not perfect, they may be better than the one's you have at present and may even help you with the renewal of your driving licence. Good Luck.

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Hi Algee, glad you're going longer between inj x

If you can afford it I would say get new specs.(asda opticians have been very good for me and excellent value for money). My clinic kept telling me not to but it dragged on so long and I was struggling to read etc I wish I'd got mine earlier. Also, if you have to renew driving license you will need to have good enough vision with specs.

Good luck x


Thanks guys these glasses I have at the moment are nearly a year old when I had my third injection in my left eye,I'm now coming up to my ninthinjection in my left eye and my fifthin my right eye I get one doctor saying o.k. go ahead to get new glasses and another saying no not yet and my local optician telling me to Waite till after the next injections in April.........go figure cheers Al.Gee.


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